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  1. Many thanks @Kailas for the drive ! Another beautiful experience that makes the night drives so special. Excellent combination of dunes, crests, bowls. And thanks to taking the time to check our level of comfort to make sure that we can enjoy the drive with confidence. Thank you @Yousef Alimadadi @Abdul Rahman AK @varunmehndiratta for the support !
  2. Many thanks @Islam Soliman for this beautiful drive ! excellent combination of different terrains, and perfectly tuned to challenge our capabilities and giving us opportunities to push higher Thank you @Frederic @Mehmet Volga @Nabil Bishara for the support and guidance. It helps a lot to build confidence !
  3. Bravo Angela @Foxtrot Oscar! Looking forward to participating to one of your drives !
  4. Many thank @Kailas for this amazing drive! Constant fast pace, beautiful lines on the dunes, night environment, clouds, lightning, bit of rain, moon rise, homogenous convoy, everything was there ! Thanks @Frederic, @Abdul Rahman AK and @Luca Palanca Falsini for the support and guidance!
  5. Thank you @Tamas Hoffmann for this drive ! Being in the front, I could see the challenges of taking a long convoy through this area of tricky bowls and soft sand patches. Good opportunities for us to continue learning handling our car in different situations. Thanks @Brette and @Hisham Masaad for the support, always present when needed, and occasions where many ! @luis mantecon, I hope you can fix your car without too many hassles and rapidly join another drive.
  6. Hi Frederic, This is a great initiative, and I would love to join. I see it is already quite busy, but I would appreciate if you can put me on the wait list just in case. I have a Canon EOS 70D, with a Canon zoom lens EF-S 18-135 mm 1:3,5-5,6, and a small tripod; a reasonable understanding of the camera settings, but no specific night photography experience. Thanks a lot !
  7. Thank you @Danish Mohammad ! Ciao Paolo @Pmaraziti! Always a pleasure to see and hear your beast FJ in front of me ! Sure, we shall repeat ! see you in a next drive
  8. Many thanks @Yousef Alimadadifor this beautiful drive. Constant pace, long runs along the dunes, with some technical challenges added. The level was perfectly tuned to push our capabilities. Thank you @Chaitanya D for the support and recommendations to choose the best line on the side slopes, and @Nabil Bishara for the sweep. For my first Fewbie drive, it was perfect
  9. Many thanks @Chaitanya D for the drive ! For my first night drive, climbing Pink Rock was great Handling the car at night was sometimes frightening 😱, following the recoveries with the explanations of Angela @Foxtrot Oscar was very instructive. Thanks also @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQ and @Alexander Alcala for the support and guidance. Always there when needed !
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