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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021


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  1. Bravo @GauravSoni, well deserved 👏👏 ! Whatever the drive, you are always supportive and enthusiastic !!
  2. Another signature drive by @Ale Vallecchi this morning. Personally, I love it ! A great variety of terrains, beautiful scenery, wildlife, and a real desert route that you can see on a map, with a starting point and a destination. And all these long range drives put together start building our own UAE desert map. Even if not that difficult, there were some tricky parts, and keeping the concentration and focus during the length of the drive, navigating through the vegetation or on top of the ridges required our full attention. I did not take my camera out ! Thank you @Thomas Varghese for th
  3. Yes @Ruan van den Heever, it was definitely a scary moment. These guys were falling from the top of the dune like rolling stones. I don't think there was any mistake form any side. We had no gap in the convoy, and we were going one by one negotiating this delicate criss crossing on top of a steep climb, and you have started just after @Werno cleared the way. They suddenly passed the ridge way above us, from the side, and I don't think they could have seen us either. However, the same way we had spotted them 2-3 min before, they should have spotted us also, and taken this steep slope with care.
  4. Gd morning @Mehmet Volga, can you please add me to the WL, for 2nd drive ? Thank you
  5. @Ale Vallecchi many thanks for the beautiful drive this morning. The exact UAE desert life discovery drive ! It was the occasion to see that desert is not only sand dunes, but can be full of life. Trees, vegetation, domestic and wild animals, farms,...everything was there, and this short convoy was perfect for discovery. The last area of red dunes requires definitely to come back and explore in more details. Thank you @luis mantecon for the 2nd lead, good to see you back on the sand, very well done @Max Beloenko, considering Newbie Plus level of some portions. @Chris Wing, @Niki, always a
  6. Thank you for the drive this morning @Lorenzo Candelpergher! A beautiful itinerary with huge possibilities, and almost no tracks at all. The only convoys in sight were camels ! It is a gem! Definitely worth returning and exploring further. The landscape was superb and we could enjoy even if the pace of the drive was requiring a continuous concentration . thank you all for the support and company, @Shaaz Sha, I hope you can recover you car without too much troubles.
  7. @Lorenzo Candelpergher thank you for the teaser and presentation of the drive. It's going to be exciting !! Can you just check the link to meeting point. there is a dot at the end making the link invalid in the post above. The link on top of the drive post is correct
  8. @qaiser ijaz if you are looking for beautiful desert scenery, you can join with no hesitation. I've done this drive before, and will sign up for a second time this Saturday !
  9. Dear @Ale Vallecchi, for my part, what I like in the drives you propose is the exploration/ navigation part, the fact that we intend to reach somewhere, to travel in the desert, and not only climbing a high dune or circling a tight bowl. I like the fact that we use our vehicles capacities and our driving skills to navigate into the desert environment to reach a point, or travel far into one direction. Learning the specificity of the areas (geology, vegetation, wildlife, human activities) is also part of the interest. And doing so with an homogeneous convoy at FB+ or IM level just expands the p
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