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  1. The Prado boys are back together! We’re in for a treat this weekend 😁
  2. Hi @Islam Soliman i’ll have to drop out because of work, apologies:( have fun everyone!
  3. @Gaurav Soni sorry i’ll have to skip, i got sick and doesn’t look like i’ll recover for tomorrow:( have fun!
  4. @Islam Soliman Thanks for the drive today! the weather was great and thought the terrain changed a lot we still managed to find some good lines. Somehow I reverted to Newbie in a couple of instances today Hope you get the car fixed quickly and we'll see you on the next drive. Congrats to @JeromeFJ for the 100th drive! Thanks to @Ranjan Das for sweeping us today as well. As usual was a pleasure driving with all the guys today, we know each other well by now and makes all the drives a lot of fun!
  5. Bit late for my trip report but here we go Was a great drive and proper Intermediate level, I even felt that we were getting into Expert level For the first time in a drive I just couldn't chill, have some snacks, enjoy the view, required 100% focus all the time. A real challenge and such a thrill. All the drivers were amazing! @Simon Dawood great second lead. @Looper always nice looping with you on the dunes @Ranjan Das great to see you as usual and amazing support from the back. @Gaurav Soni amazing lead and thrilling drive you gave us. Looking forward to the next one! @Chinthaka Ruwan Hope you get the car all fixed for the next drives:) @Daniel Rodas Well done on this drive, I think you mentioned that was your first intermediate. If that's the case then it really didn't feel like it was your first intermediate. @Tom B V8 power baby! always a pleasure
  6. Another amazing drive! Thanks to @Hisham Masaad , the master of badayer:) Always a pleasure driving with all of you and thanks to @JeromeFJ for helping us throughout the drive and tricky situations. @Zixuan Huang - Charlie hope you get everything fixed for next weekend! Honestly i didn’t notice that you were struggling that much:) you drive very smoothly. @Rob S i believe that was your first IM and you didn’t have any trouble at all:) well done @Davie Chase sad that we won’t see you for some time but looking forward to our next drive soon. @Simon Dawood excellent 2nd lead👍🏼
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