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  1. Hi @Mehmet Volga, sorry but I had to cancel the drive, hopefully next weekend
  2. Good morning @Wrangeld, please remove me from the WL, I managed to organize another drive somewhere else, thanks and have fun
  3. Hi @Wrangeld, please add me to the WL, it will be my first drive
  4. Hi, I just want to mention I will be on my Toyota Fortuner V6 4.0 L black (in case you need to know)
  5. @PaoloMarazitiYou are right, the problem is my elder son also likes to do Off road, so when he is on holidays, he also take one of my cars, so it is never enough cars either. I also realized, there is no end on car upgrades, it is too dangerous, haha
  6. Good morning @Janarthan, sorry I had to cancel my drive, my wife wanted to try Off Road too, so I have to go with her in the Absolute Newby drive. Hopefully next time....
  7. Good morning @Wrangeld, I will have to cancel my drive! I am very sorry, I was looking forward for the drive
  8. Hi @Lorenzo Candelpergher if it is for Fewbies, I would like to join too. Do I need to have special lights (I only have the stock ones)
  9. Hi @Ale Vallecchi, thank you very much, but I have organized something else for the weekend, please remove me from the list.
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