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  1. Dear Team Thanks for the provided information , theses information are more than enough to take insurance either from AXA or RSA
  2. Dear Team Can anyone advise me about the vehicle insurance during off road activities , As we are going off road & would like to have off road coverage , I checked with my car insurance company they provide offroad but with in a 2.0 KM radius not beyond that , so please advise if any comapny provide this type of insurance , Thanks in advance Sunil 055-9953086
  3. Thanks @Foxtrot Oscar for the wonder guidance it was smooth drive for all except some hicks ups from my side but very well boosted by @Melenany to go for the challenges and very well supported by @Kailas during tough time to recover. Very well planned trip , thanks to all.
  4. @Foxtrot Oscar Noted , eager to join all of you tomorrow. @Foxtrot Oscar can i bring my friend with me , is it allowed ?
  5. Team Sorry Need to with draw my name stuck in hospital one of friend is admitted. May be will try any event tommorrow morning. Kindly excuse , sorry for the last minute exit
  6. Thanks @Vanessa8580 for the sequence , kindly advise me if Walkie Talkie required for tommorrow or we can manage , i could not purchased this week.
  7. Hello Team It was nice trip and very well supported by Venesa & other members , looking forward to have many more to come , Yogesh please call me at 055-9953086
  8. Hello Everyone I am new member & joined the club , wanted to buy Deflator , Inflator Pump & other items , can some one guide me from where to buy at reasonable price. Thanks & Regards Sunil 055-9953086
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