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  1. @M.Seidamhi, just been tested positive for covid, I will be in isolation for 10 days.. I will leave the event unfortunately…
  2. @Frederic hi, I have pick someone at airport late sat night… won’t be able to attend… I have left the event..
  3. @varunmehndirattahi, my car battery died after sat evening drive for some very strange reason, got home quite late.. I won’t be able to attend
  4. @Hisham Masaad hi, unfortunately this evening I had to change my travelling plan on short notice I will be flying out on sat. I will miss this, but looking forward to join when I return in July… regards,
  5. @varunmehndiratta good morning, unfortunately I got flat tyre I am seeing while ready to set off, to replace it will take time. And I won’t have a spare wheel during drive. therefore with deepest regret I have to pull out. see you next time. regards,
  6. @JeromeFJ, with apologies I would like to inform you that I unfortunately I won’t be able to attend this event. Therefore freeing space for someone in waitlist. I hope u don’t mind…. regards.
  7. @Frederic yes you are right it was a typo. That's what I was actually trying to emphasis that I am FB+ Regards,
  8. @GauravSoni I am willing to join, kindly confirm Quick if that's possible, This is my preferred drive as I m FB+ and I would prefer to go on FB+ Drive.
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