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  1. Hi @Frederic may be I can't join tonight,my will best to join you guys but if late please accept my apology in advance.
  2. Sorry @Vanessa8580 I have to drop my self from drive,there is an emergency.
  3. Thanks @Varun Mehndirattafor another fantastic drive. I wanna share with you all @Carnity my experience of today overheating,the reason behind the overheating of my car is the reserve coolant tank suction pipe was drop inside reserve coolant tank that's why the radiator starts the coolant reverse instead of suction (because the suction pipe was detached from reserve tank) and so I reattached the pipe and for the safe side I replace my car's radiator cap also. Now my car is ready for another adventure 😀 ALHAMDULILLAH Thanks @Varun Mehndiratta for the guidance and thanks @Ashutosh Garg @Joseph Raju @Anoop Nair and great sweep support from @Tom B.
  4. Hi @JeromeFJI have small eye injury, sorry I have pull me out from drive.
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