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  1. @JeromeFJ I was too excited for the drive. Unfortunately I have to pull out of this amazing drive as my wife's car is still in the garage, and the family needs my car tomorrow. Have fun gents. Cheers
  2. @Looper thanks mate for sharing your insights.
  3. @M.Seidam thanks mate for the update with regards to Mohamad Anwer's health. regards
  4. @Sayed Bilal congrats mate - now you will need to push the Safari!
  5. @Mohamad Anwer wish you a speedy recovery mate. Our prayers are with you and your family.
  6. @varunmehndiratta @Senthil Kumar @Mario Cornejo @Tom B @MMansoor Thank you gents for such a wonderful Sunday morning drive; as soon as we started the drive, Varun pushed us to climb a couple of dunes to warm up our engines. The drive was simply amazing, coupled with 2 pop-outs, which were dealt with without major delays by teamwork. The terrain was not easy; the sand was super soft, with lots of ditches / drops; I hit hard my front bumper at least twice - fortunately my ABS was disabled (thanks @Mario Cornejo). My rear bumper also took some hits, and is a bit twisted / bent now - looking forward to some more damages before making the call to change the bumper + add a bash plate. Cheers gents
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