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  1. @Zed Im listening . . . . . . but I have the Dual VVTi . . . . . . Should I sell to @Frederic and get an older model? haha
  2. Thanks @Ale Vallecchi for leading us through the sands on Saturday. Well done to @Alexanderrr for SL, and thanks to @Vanessa8580 for joining us as CF, great to catchup! I didn't see much of the front of the convoy, other than a great rope recovery of @Paolo Pellegrini by @Jessica Lambert, very well executed for your first time! At the back @Pierre de Maigret you drove really well in your FJ, I didn't see the issue that caused your pop-out, but it was quickly fixed and we were back in the convoy before too long. Overtime, you will find the right balance between power and momentum to fully enjoy the climbs and riding the ridges. @Gurcharan Mehta you also drove very well, just one minor refusal, where the land cruisers crawl control enabled you to reverse back off the ridge. I think, you just needed a bit more momentum or could have steered down slightly earlier, but the more drives you have, the easier this will be to find the balance. @Zulfikhar Naiyar nice to see you again, Xterra is very good car for the desert and I can see you are improving with every drive, and every refusal is a learning opportunity. Occasionally, you needed slightly more momentum to make sure you reached the ridge/crest, overtime this will become second nature to you! Some superb self recoveries when you did get stuck though! Thanks for following the guidance carefully! Unfortunately towards the end of the drive, we had issue where @Ivan P ended up slightly off-line while climbing the dune and ended up in a sand pocket. A reminder to us all how important it is to make sure you follow the track, and also the balance between speed and momentum. I hope the car is okay and we see you in the desert again soon. Thanks to @Ignacio Quindós and @Miguel Codes for the help with the recovery with your winches under the guidance of our Marshalls! See you all again soon!
  3. Repping the toyota prado crew is something i love to do @Waqas Parvez, but unfortunately party Saturday night means I wont be fresh for the challenge this time round. Trust you prado boys will fly the toyota flag!!! (ps, of course not a race or competition, but keep those jeep boys in check)
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