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  1. I will check in toolbox @Charlie but unfortunately @Islam Soliman this week i can't join,😪
  2. Thanks @Srikumar for adding us into your super drive,small suggestion from expert my fj tank is 70 litres only ,can I keep 1 Jerry can of 20 litres or will it be enough?
  3. @SrikumarI hope the RSVP will increase by the demand and we also have 3 in manage
  4. Hi @M.SeidamI have an important work tomorrow just now received the call , sorry I have to drop from this drive😪
  5. Congratulations bro 🎉 @Haitham Khattab, welcome in intermediate level 😊
  6. Congratulations @salah2ufor your promotion,enjoy the next level drive 👏
  7. @JeromeFJjust reached now at home ,I will try my best to join the drive,if not please accept my apology in advance
  8. Hi @JeromeFJ I got emergency call from work,some urgent work coming from Saudi 😞 See you all next time
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