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  1. Wow thanks @Looper, that’s awesome. Going to make whole family watch it on the tv 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  2. Go team Paj………..although it cost me a front drive shaft 😂 todays swap job
  3. Thank you very much for a excellent drive, my new favourite spot
  4. That would be awesome, thank you had a recovery yesterday at work, the board would have come in handy 😂, is it rated for 7ton 😳
  5. Cheers for another great drive, good experience in reseating a tyre, need to get one of those yalla push boards🤣 @GauravSoni
  6. @Islam Solimanthanks for a great drive, had a awesome time. @Mike. the best shot I could get with the iPhone of the rhino Launching
  7. I had the veepeak obd 11 ble( first photo) and use the car scanner pro app to read and clear codes. there is a cheaper version, (second photo) but it doesn’t read gearbox temp I don’t think. you can get cheaper from dragon mart/Chinese copy’s but I wouldn’t trust them. I have heard of copy’s affecting the traction control on some pajeros.
  8. Thanks, back home there is plenty of aftermarket options but nothing here that I can find, just worried about the strap disintegrating in the heat/oil of the engine bay.
  9. The composite battery tray in my Pajero has snapped one of the hold down lugs, does anyone know if there is a metal replacement available here in the uae, back In Australia there are countless options for replacement but I can’t find anything here. Don’t want to put a factory one back in as it will probably suffer the same fate. currently got it strapped it down. thank you
  10. Thanks, looks like spot has been taken pretty quick, I have added myself on the wait list. thank you
  11. Sorry, was looking forward to my first fewbie drive but wife’s been admitted to hospital for a few days so have to drop out. Is it possible to remain on the wait list?
  12. Great write up, thank you very much for a great drive. The extra time was truely appreciated. Thank you very much
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