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  1. These popups and page refreshes are quite distracting. I was trying to view a page about the weekend drives (from the link on WhatsApp group) but the page keeps auto refreshing and loads pop ups indicating I have to check out other posts? I agree you want to engage viewers to more content, but with these pop ups you are going to increase the bounce rate of the page than the strength by keeping them longer on the page. My 2 cents.
  2. Seems a bit unfair to not calculate previous engagement and add on to the points system of the existing members. IMO, this move seems a bit premature for a small community. It may drive away members than to create more interaction. Lets check it out. Good luck.
  3. Lol. This one is a 360video but I just quickly edited it to be a static one because I didn’t have time to figure out editing and uploading in 360 yet. Next time 😉🤪
  4. True. Unfortunately the first few hours of the trip was delayed due to the refusals and other stops and my battery ran out by the 2nd or 3rd hour. It was the first test shoot with this camera. Hopefully I can time the shots better next time.
  5. Thank you Marshals and @Srikumar for this drive. I must say it was good and got better towards the very end especially that last bit in the night. Here is a quick video done by me. YouTube Video
  6. Haha you're welcome )) You don't have to spray inside the jeep... just spray around the jeep, under or on the tires even will help. When they can sense the repelling odor they will just not approach.
  7. haha sorry.. I guess my eyes are still half closed ))
  8. Is there anyway to get trips on Saturday afternoons? Fridays am usually busy with personal matters and I’d hate to miss these trips. 😢
  9. Hey guys. Back from my trip! Quick question, didnt see any mention of Level here?
  10. Hey Guys, wont be able to make it to this one. Really want to 😕 But I have a ton of last-min-work to finish up before my trip on Monday.
  11. It's topless season! For Jeeps I mean! Along with that came the unwelcome guest - Stray cats. They have always been around no matter where you are in the UAE... keep your car in a covered parking in apartment building or park it outside, chances are you have this visitor sitting on your warm vehicle, taking creative liberty and leaving foot prints all over the windshield, trunk and roof. And if you are lucky... it will pee and/or leave scratches on your seat! Something had to be done... so I started looking for solutions... Cat Repellent Solutions... Cat have very sensitive sense of smell, so you spray some pungent odor stuff around, it can keep them away. This DIY recipe that worked for me - Water + Vinegar + Eucalyptus + Garlic + Rosemary = Mix all this good stuff up in a spray bottle and Viola! Spray them periodically around your Jeep or car or bike and you will not be bothered again. It worked for me so hope it helps others
  12. Adding to what @Gaurav said, if you are going up in size just for looks, I would advice to get the highway type tires rather than All-Terrains or Mud-Terrains. Those would just add on to the noise because of the aggressive thread pattern. Make sure to re-calibrate your odo or calculate your speed levels. Tire calculator says 3.3% increase in diameter so your oddo reading will be showing lower by 3.3%. Enjoy
  13. I have used these too. The method to set these is easy. My 2 cents - Pros: Can deflate all of them at once. Cons: Takes long as it deflates slower once the psi lowers. Not always accurate. The "programmed" setting can get loose in the bag.
  14. +1 to the Rapid Air Deflator. It follows the same valve-pull technique, but with a more cleaner and safer approach. Also it's handy that the gauge is attached to it so you do not have to deflate, check with gauge, deflate again...etc. Bought mine from Ace hardware. Quick and efficient. Lovin it.
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