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  1. Sorry guys. Won’t be able to join you on this drive. See you on the next one 🤓
  2. Jocreative

    Newbie drive Kalba/Maliha 16 Nov

    Looking forward to the drive!
  3. Jocreative

    Newbie drive Kalba/Maliha 16 Nov

    Josh _ 0544522500
  4. Jocreative

    Newbie drive Kalba/Maliha 16 Nov

    Would love to join this one
  5. Not sure. Call 04 341 9860. Check with Albert.
  6. Welcome. Depends on if they have the kits already. What car do you drive now?
  7. Would suggest to get it done by Professionals. Offroad Zone is good, Robbies MotorSports is good for Wranglers, no so much for Cherokees. It would cost around 4-6k for the complete kit.
  8. Jocreative

    My Jeep Grand Cherokee 2005

    No I meant Evaporator. This is under the front dash board, so they always have the reason saying "Oh its a lot of labor time... you have to take out the entire front dashboard carefully to get to the AC evaporator". The part by itself they charged me around AED1700-ish I believe. The rest was for labor.
  9. Anyone know where I can get an OEM Headlight for 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee for Tasjeel testing? If anyone has a spare, I could borrow it for a couple of days
  10. Jocreative

    My Jeep Grand Cherokee 2005

    I have a 2004 JGC. I have replaced the control arms and shocks too, but I bought them online and just installed them here. Here are the prices that worked out for me - Iron Man Shocks + Springs = AED 3000 + AED 1200 (labor) Front Adjustable COntrol Arms = $179.95 - roughly AED 600-800 including shipping Adjustable Front Track Bar = $129.95 - roughly AED 500-600 including shipping Installation Labor for Control Arm + TrackBar = AED 1000 AC Evaporator Change + Labor = AED 2650 Hope this helps. Cheers, Josh
  11. They are good, but sadly they specialize in Wranglers, and I did not find their "reasons" satisfactory. No offense to them, they do great work and are really friendly people. I think OffRoadZone is pretty decent with their knowledge on lifts and 4x4s. Here are some recent pics. Also added a Billet Heavy duty Side Step Bar. Here is a Before-After lift and accessories comparison Now it needs a good paint job!!
  12. A lot has happened since this last post. My ride quality was still not good even after doing a transfer case drop. Not receiving any guidance I did some reading and went ahead to source in some new Adjustable lower control arms, Adjustable track bar, longer end links... I had Robbie's install them and that's all they did. The ride became worse... I went to many random alignment centers but none knew how to align a lifted JGC. 3-4 months later now, I found Off road center and I told them my worries of not having a smooth ride. I also told them about the axle not being centered and they readily knew it was because of improper fitting length of the trackbar. I left the Jeep with them for a day to fix/replace rear brake pads, rear control arm bushings, and they discovered where the noise was coming from. The front drive shaft was bad and need to be replaced. Now I am riding without one... but at least the noise is gone.... will add a new one in a few weeks.
  13. Jocreative

    second hand JGC wanted

    Did you get one?