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  1. Hi idris, did you find a solution to this problem. I am having the same issue with my convertible and was wondering if you can tell me how you remedied the problem! Thanks a bunch.
  2. surprised to see no one mentioned the fluids, keep the coolant and transmission fluids in check and when you're in for servicing, have them flushed and changed. Secret to a healthy engine.
  3. Not too hard. Try an independent. Just make sure he follows the list below: - Replace the SMG relay - Check that the SMG is priming - Reset all fault codes - Check SMG reservoir oil level - Gearbox and clutch teach-in Also, the SMG has loads of sensors so make sure they are all working fine - the scan tool can tell you if anything is faulty.
  4. Way to go man! R series is the best especially their R1200GS and their C600 is just to die for!
  5. They should include these kind of things in the manual ... or have they already ? (never opened a manual)
  6. Don't freak out, just follow these steps to reset - insert key - Press and keep holding the start/stop, do not do anything else just wait for the oil change light to go off - Release the start/stop button. - As SOON as the oil change light goes out, press and hold the odometer reset button. - Wait for a warning triangle to show up on the gauge cluster - If these steps are followed accurately, the oil can signal appears on the gauge cluster - You need to twist the turn-signal stalk in order to reach the oil life menu on the gauge cluster - Once you are on Oil Life then you should press the BC button and hold till the Reset signal appears on the display of the gauge. - Keep pressing till the clock icon appears. This shows that the system has been reset. - Take out the key. Take care
  7. For starters you can post your requirements on the BMW wanted section here on Carnity. You can also browse through many UAE based classifieds online just by googling this very same term. A sincere seller can never be determined online hence you can only establish the trustworthy factor after meeting in person with the seller.
  8. Oh my gosh ... I was thinking about giving up my bmw a few days ago just because of the cost it takes up ... not to mention the insurance payments and all the maintenance because love it or not but car fanatics buy bmws and we like to reallly really maintain our cars !! I am sick of the O2 sensors replacement and technical stuff that I don't even understand of. I mean seriously? How can you expect something like that from a BMW?! that too only five years old!
  9. whoa!! my brother's X3 had exactly the same issue. he got the the radiator fixed before it totally screwed the transmission. NOTE TO ALL X3 OWNERS: get your radiator fixed before this happens to you because for sure one day it will.
  10. Have you tried to use voice recognition? Works for me and what I like the most about it is that it is faster to use instead of entering addresses. Either that or just that your GPS system has another city or place entered in it. Is your map software up-to-date btw? there have been a lot of developments in the UAE in the past two years so its a possibility that the street numbers have changed or something.
  11. hi guys, the reason i was asking about the language was because if joy wants the language in Arabic i dont think Arabic support is available, you can choose between British english and American english.
  12. Guys, It not only depends on the way you drive (driving like a runaway bride isn't gonna save you no fuel =)) but it also matters where you are going to be driving it ( highway or city ) ... so have a think about your usage first before placing the bet.
  13. Salaam!! i might be able to help because i was in the same scenario a couple of months ago, its just that u didnt mention which language u want to change it to... if you could let me know i might be able to guide you through this problem.
  14. Fellas, lets not forget one important distinction which is that the 740 and 750 can be equipped with xDrive all-wheel drive and come standard with an automatic stop-start system ... basically turning off the engine when the car has stopped to save fuel. now the 760 does not have that option hence one can safely assume that when it comes to mileage, the 740 and the 750 have a slightly upper hand as compared to the 760.
  15. BMW is the best car but why is it that there is always good news and no bad news.
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