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Found 13 results

  1. Powertech Auto Services are the Best Premium Auto Workshop provides quality car care in Dubai. We’re a team of professionals and highly trained technicians who are passionate about everything that has to do with cars! Our management has over 20 years of experience in the automotive maintenance and repair industry in Los Angeles California General maintenance and repair services Powertech Auto services provide General maintenance and repair services for all major car brands, we are fully equipped Auto service centre that can perform basic as well as complex car repairs. Our workers are all trained technicians and have vast knowledge and experience in car repair for all major brands. We provide all types of mechanical & electrical services for your vehicle Car Scanning and Diagnosis At Powertech Auto services, we use the latest car diagnostic tools and accessories to widely scan your car performance, strength, and burdens. Our expert technicians perform a detailed car scanning and diagnosis check up and submit the report to you in a short time period. By these inspections help you to understand your car overall performance. Powertech Car AC services Powertech Provides Exceptional AC Services to its Esteemed Customers. The Air Condition is one of the key parts that need to be functional in countries where there is extreme heat, especially in UAE. Our Services are recognized from Los Angeles to Dubai. We provide quality AC services so customers can feel Cool in Quality and Class. Pre-purchase inspection or Used car inspection: Call our Service Adviser: 0543057156 Comprehensive Inspection Report Manual Physical Inspection Computerized Report Fair & Transparent Report Detailed Interior and Exterior Check up General performance, noise, fluid condition check up
  2. What is more important and relevant in car service: Time vs Kilometer driven? I just schedule my Range Rover service with Al Tayer and they said I need to get the major service of 120k kms, while the car is only driven 68,000 kms. Their logic is time-based vs km - whichever comes first. They gave me this logic last time too when I sent the car for service and they carried out 108k service when the car was 58,000 kms driven. I somehow felt uncomfortable but went with the flow to not to spoil the service history, which has been regularly maintained by the previous owner. This time it's quite over the top with major service estimate, where they say they have to change rear diff oil and transfer box oil every 5 years or 120k kms. Is it really required to change rear diff and transfer box oil at 68k kms with 5 years of life.....? If you say Kilometer driven is prime then why all car manufacturer has this in their maintenance schedule, let alone UAE but everyone uses the same approach globally. Please explain why......?
  3. We provide special pricing for all Carnity members. We do all kinds of mechanical work and electrical work. We are also specialised in Japanese car, Our motto is customers satisfaction by giving them quality work & services at a competitive price
  4. As many of you know that Carnity has a business listing section to help car owners find the right car business. To help carnity members and businesses alike, we have come up with a concept of reviewing and rating these car businesses in UAE. The positive rating will help car businesses appear higher above the lower rating business in their business category. Every participating car business has a "Review us on carnity.com" sticker placed at the main entrance or on reception. Each business displaying this sticker has agreed to provide the following for all carnity members: Special competitive price Timely and efficient service Honest and fair business practice So make sure next time you see the "Review us on carnity.com" sticker or approach any car business from the carnity business listing section do let them know that you are a carnity member to avail the special pricing and fair treatment. If you are happy and satisfied with their service, then do rate them five stars in the carnity business listing section that motivate the good car businesses to continue with the best practices.
  5. We provide special pricing for all Carnity members. We do all kinds of car services from programming to electrical fixing and polishing. Our motto is to satisfy our customers by giving them quality work at competitive pricing
  6. Our car is one of the essential things in our life. It can help us travel to the place we want to go. Since it has great value to us, it is necessary for us to take care of it. But what are the things we need to consider in order to prolong it's life?
  7. Barry

    Location Garage

    Workshop based in Al Quoz 4. Equipped with 4 x 2 post lifts and 2 recessed scissor lifts to cope with sports and lowered cars. Team of highly trained electricians, mechanics and technicians to deal with all problems. Working on all vehicles including passenger car, 4x4 and small van. All work carried out including oil and filter change, brakes, tyres, wheel alignment and balancing, exhaust, engine rebuild and tuning, full air conditioning service, steering, suspension, manual and automatic transmission, battery and electrical, audio and video, rim protectors, cleaning and detailing. Any other work including modifications carried out on request. Using the latest Launch tools and diagnostic scanners to find and fix all problems first time.
  8. Hot Wheels Auto Repair Workshop Any inquires about car related Faults Car Problems FREE computer check-up Damage car repairing at LOW COST Traffic inspection and Registration services & LOW insurance rates 25 YEARS Experience in AUTO workshop All kinds’ vehicles breakdown & faults information FREE Pick n Drop service : 00971504111918 (WATTSAPP) If car have any (sign /indicators) in the dashboard send the pictures on WATTSAPP: 0504111918 We send you correct and transpert information. ONE CALL DOES IT ALL
  9. Brakes are one of the most important aspect of any vehicle, much before the engine horsepower and fancy luxury trim. If you can't stop your vehicle in time, then it's all useless to have such expensive car. Just like Engine, Tires and Suspension, brakes also required periodic servicing or replacing with new set of brake pads and/or brand disc's. There are some obvious signs that your brakes needs service, such as the brake light appearing on the dashboard of your car or you realize that the vehicle is taking longer to stop than it needs to. In either of these cases, you should visit your expert mechanic for a brake check very soon. But do you know what are the 7 signs that might indicate a problem in the braking system?. Here are the seven signs that will help you find out. Noise: screeching, grinding noises when applying the brakes. Light: brake light is well-lighted on your vehicle dashboard. Pulling: vehicle pulls to one side on braking Low Pedal: brake pedal nearly touches the floor before engaging. Grabbing: brakes grab at the slightest touch to the pedal. Hard Pedal: should apply extreme pressure to the pedal before brakes interact. Vibration: brake pedal vibrates or pulses, even under normal braking conditions Brakes are a normal wear item on any vehicle and that they are eventually needs to be replaced. Factors that effects the life of brakes includes driving habits, vehicle type, operating conditions and the lining material quality.
  10. Charm

    Al Emad Rent A Car

    Al-Emad is a car rental service company that provides you with the most convenient solution for all your rental vehicle requirements, including short-term rentals and long-term leasing. AL-Emad provides unmatched product flexibility. From economy cars for daily usage to luxury cars for weddings and other special events, you can choose from a wide variety of elegant vehicles, in the most convenient way, and at the best packages. We also provide time flexibility which allows you to rent a car for as much time as you want. At Al-Emad, the customer is very special and valued. Your needs are perfectly understood and catered to. Our primary goal is to give you the finest experience of travelling and make your visit a memorable one.
  11. In today’s fast-paced world, owning a car is a necessity rather than a luxury and that goes even more for people living in the UAE and driving every day. It doesn’t mean that you can’t pamper your car; it just means you simply cannot do without a car these days. Whether your car is Toyota or Mitsubishi, just like other machines, every car do wear down after a certain period of time and a certain thousand kilometers. When this happens, you are faced with an axe to get it repaired or see it get deteriorate. While every one of us tries to get it fixed, there are situations when we have to decide – weather to retire it or repair it. If you are in such turmoil, here are 5 LOGICAL points that will help you take the big decision! When repairs or maintenance costs more than the car’s worth. Do some basic calculations and take the decision. Get an estimate of fixing the car from a mechanic and then take your car to a dealer. Ask him to quote the best price if you were to sale it then and there. Since now you have both the cost of repair and current worth of the car, the decision won’t be hard to make. Apply the simple “50 percent rule”, when your cars repair cost has reached to 50 percent of its worth then it’s the time to replace your old box. Safety concerns Keeping your love for your old car aside, do watch it for your own safety. Keep in mind that not only the older and carelessly maintained ones, even the well-maintained cars wear out. I would recommend you to consider all the risks of breakdown while driving. In this advanced technological world, new cars are equipped with a long list of safety features like SRS airbags, ABS+EBD (Anti-breaking system and Electronic brake force distribution), anti-theft alarm and rearview cameras. Obviously your old car would not have these unless it's an Audi R8 or Ford GT, or BMW M4 or Lexus LFA and hence your old car should be replaced. Your car is eating more gas If the car is consuming a lot of gas per kilometer, than what it was consuming a year ago, it has lost its fuel efficiency and it’s time to bid it adieu. You might know the fact, the older your car is, the less fuel-efficient it gets. Even if you get it fixed, thanks to the old technology it will get back into its bad shape and keep on asking for more fuel unless you want to save it for Cadillac Ranch or car museum purposes. Also consider the fact that the repair cost of an older car will keep on increasing with time. Follow the laws The government has laid down a few automobile rules that need to be followed while on the road. These laws state the minimum conditions that your car must meet to be on the road. Get a quick check done of your car to see if it follows all the norms. If not, it would be wise to get rid of it and invest in a better car. For the sake of LIFESTYLE Lifestyle changes and so does the society; and believe me change is good and you should be a part of it. Do you have plans of growing your family? Have you expanded your business and facing the loading problem? Dude! You are in need of a new car. Your old car might not be able to bear the all the burden and new responsibilities and hence must be replaced. Repairing or selling off is a critical decision to make. While you might be blindly in love with your automobile, sometimes the machine ceases to respond back with similar care; and when this happens, it can get harsh for your bank balance. Next time you take your old hooptie for a repair, do consider these 5 things.
  12. I am using my friends Honda city since last month as she is on annual leave and I feel that car tire is acting funny as many time if I am on empty road and if I leave the steering for few seconds car start moving toward left to the high speed lane. Before it was not like this and now its happening every time I leave the steering for even half a second. I called my friend and she said see if service is due may be its because of that. My question to you car gurus is: weather dealer change the tire also in the car service or not....? If not I will wait for her to come and diagnose the issue by herself may be I am over reacting as I am not the owner and getting paranoid for no reason.
  13. I was reading in yesterday's Gulf news that ministry of economy or some govt body (can't rem correctly) is coming up with new law for standardizing all car dealers to follow 10,000 kms car service in UAE. Again read some bashing and polls in today newspaper where experts aren't supporting this new move. http://gulfnews.com/news/uae/transport/how-often-do-you-service-your-car-1.1583842 http://gulfnews.com/your-say/readers-service-cars-every-5-000km-1.1583808 Any idea what is the actual reason behind this thinking and why would anybody want to impose the law on car servicing that should be recommended by car manufacturer and not anyone else. Is there any major issue happen in past, that triggered this thought process or something else I missed.....?
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