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Mitsubishi Pajero Gen 4 - Disable ABS-ASC.


When using your vehicle in the desert, certain electronic aids like Active Stability Control (ASC) or ABS need to be disabled, as the soft and slippery sand will make the traction aids kick in and you won't be able to spin the wheels, which is something that is unavoidable when driving in the sand. 

Below i will describe the easiest two methods to disable your ABS and Stability Control (ASC) at the same time.

You can choose either method 1 or method 2 as per your own preference. Method 3 describes the installation of a kill switch, which will require some work as seen in the video.

Method 1: Removing the ABS relay

1) Switch off the engine and open the hood.

2) Locate the relay box and open it.


3) Locate the ABS relay on the upper right hand. Remove it by pulling it out.


4) Close the cover and hood, and switch on your engine. You will have no specific alarms on the dashboard but they will start to flicker after a while (ABS light, ASC light, etc...) and eventually they will stay on which indicates they are completely disabled.



Method 2: Unplugging the ABS connector

This method obtains the same result, but faster. After unplugging you will have immediately disabled ABS and ASC, hence you will have no restrictions. 

After your drive, there could be some sand inside the connector, so carefully remove it with some compressed air or a small brush.


After your offroad drive, you can open the hood, plug the relay or connector back in, and restart your car. The ABS and ATC dashboard lights will be off again.


Method 3: Installing a Kill Switch

If you are handy, you can do this yourselves by following below steps. If you are in doubt, get it done by a professional workshop.


The most advanced method includes the installation of a special "double functionality" kill switch. These can be bought online but are rather expensive. See functionality below:






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