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List of Best fuel efficient cars in UAE for the daily commute

  1. 4.4 L/100 - Suzuki Celerio
  2. 4.8 L/100 - Mitsubishi Attrage and Mirage
  3. 4.9 L/100 - Mazda 3
  4. 5.0 L/100 - Audi A3 / A4
  5. 5.1 L/100 - Chevrolet Spark
  6. 5.2 L/100 - Ford Fiesta
  7. 5.4 L/100 - Honda Civic
  8. 5.5 L/100 - Ford Focus
  9. 5.7 L/100 - BMW 2 Series
  10. 5.8 L/100 - Toyota Yaris, Honda City and Fiat 500
  11. 6.0 L/100 - Peugeot 208
  12. 6.1 L/100 - BMW 3 Series and Kia Picanto
  13. 6.2 L/100 - Nissan Sentra
  14. 6.3 L/100 - Volkswagen Golf, Honda Jazz and Hyundai Accent
  15. 6.9 L/100 - Nissan Micra and Sunny

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My Mrs Company rental Yaris 1.5 gives some real bad ass mileage. 70dhs to fill to the brim and easily does 500kms in city and 600plus highway. 

Should be getting the Indian made Sunny soon lets see how that compares. Although not looking forward to the ugly POS. Dunno what happened to Nissan, seems like they go out of their way to make ugly cars.

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Thanks this was nice and motivating, I love doing these research and if ppl here help me enough we can build more segments like best fuel economy compact cars, best fuel ecomony sedan cars, best fuel economy luxury cars, best fuel economy suv, best fuel economy 4x4 etc.

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