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Dunes and chill near Al Ain.

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Hey Carnity,

A co-worker/friend of mine has a daughter heading off to university in the next few weeks, and they wanted a real dune bash/desert experience before she leaves. She asked me, but I only have the one passenger seat (rear has been removed). I have another neighbour who I've offroaded with who would normally be up for it, but his engine is undergoing an overhaul.

Basically, I'm wondering if anyone lives in/near Al Ain, is up for a bit of dune bashing, and would enjoy some company - bit of dune bashing, some bbq'ing. My friend is more than happy to pay, so maybe even a desert guide if someone knows one, that could work as well. They would need to be picked up here in Al Ain, which is why nearish here is better, and I'll be along as well, with another friend who was interested in joining.

Anyways, just throwing this out there.

Cheers all!


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