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  1. Sorry @Varun Mehndiratta I have to remove myself. Issues with my differentials that needs sorting 😭
  2. Thank you very much for organising this drive @Varun Mehndiratta A fantastic way to spend the morning - that wet sand was surely a different driving experience! The convoy was amazing... very large, but just kept pushing through the whole adventure. Glad the hose got sorted @Patrick van der Loo probably a better plan than rebuilding with sub-par materials/connections 😅
  3. Thank you very much @Kailas for leading this incredible trip... such a fantastic weekend, and you made the route superb! Great highlights along the way. And such an amazing convoy of drivers... so many laughs and smiles, truly made it all so much better. And a special thanks to @Gertjan for providing such spectacular photos on top of being second lead.... you didn't miss a beat 😎 Already can't wait for the next one.
  4. Hey Carnity, A co-worker/friend of mine has a daughter heading off to university in the next few weeks, and they wanted a real dune bash/desert experience before she leaves. She asked me, but I only have the one passenger seat (rear has been removed). I have another neighbour who I've offroaded with who would normally be up for it, but his engine is undergoing an overhaul. Basically, I'm wondering if anyone lives in/near Al Ain, is up for a bit of dune bashing, and would enjoy some company - bit of dune bashing, some bbq'ing. My friend is more than happy to pay, so maybe even a desert guide if someone knows one, that could work as well. They would need to be picked up here in Al Ain, which is why nearish here is better, and I'll be along as well, with another friend who was interested in joining. Anyways, just throwing this out there. Cheers all! Brett
  5. What are people doing for food? Are we all just taking our own little things, or big communal bbq and flames?
  6. Hi @Ahmad Quadri Welcome to the club! To be honest, as your very first Newbie drive, people in the club will be very accomodating. That air compressor you posted won't really be up to the task of inflating all your tires from sand pressures. Just check with someone is okay sharing their air compressor, and if you have a lot of fun and want to do it again, look to get a 'real' compressor. The problem with the one you linked is, unfortunately, it will overheat quickly, and cut out, and the inflating will be slow. Painfully slow. Great for emergency tire changing, not so great for offroad useage. But you also don't want to spend several hundred AED on a decent one until you've even given the hobby a real try 😃 The flags... many of us have mounting brackets we can buy for our specific vehicle make and models, you can probably just google for your own vehicle. Or get a custum bracket made to fit from a local fabricator. Both are very popular. Another option is suction cups that will suction to your rear windows... this is quite non-intrusive, and maybe a direction you take for your first run. (amazon search: 'desert flag' for a flag and mount). For an absolute first time experience... I would say the non-negotiable items would be a radio, recovery points, and flag. The club can help support in other gear, just check first with the marshall and club members on the drive you sign up for. After that first dip in the pool, if you're excited and keen for more, build up the recommended club gear, but with gear that will do the job (ie, a decent air compressor). Hope this helps!
  7. Nice, thank you to those responding further! Fantastic that there is interest in these things - I did head to this area as planned at the end of December - spent two and a half days of camping, exploring and hiking, came back with souvenirs of mud and memories. I'll keep the club posted about upcoming overland-ish type trips I do, and if people are cool joining, all the better!
  8. Was a fantastic drive... loved all the ridge riding! Thank you again, @Mehmet Volga
  9. Sorry @Looper My holidays will have ended, so I have to take the time before the new year 😓 I will be doing other overlanding/camping drives, and will keep the club posted in the chance there is interest. I understand it's not easy for people... families/holidays/commitments... and can only do what we can.
  10. Thank you very much for organising this drive @M.Seidam It was an absolute blast... beautiful area and night drives always add an element to the adventure. Very pleased your brother in law got to join in the fun... hopefully he's caught the offroading bug! 😅
  11. Let's switch to next week, as I think a couple people had plans already this week... including a visit to Liwa festival. So 28-30 Dec (Wed-Fri) if that suits? I'll start putting a tentative plan together, are people okay with a bit of hiking? There are some beautiful vistas that are only reachable by foot.
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