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  1. After being a Toyota Bigot I tried GMC Envoy, GMC Yukon, Mustangs of all types, 4,6,8 cylinders, Challenger 6,8 cylinder, from least to top, they're waaaay better than any Toyota, even their spare parts are cheap, & as a matter of fact, i've never had any problem with them, not a single one, except for the Envoy, i once fixed a part which have cost me around 400 dirhams during 3 years of usage!
  2. Getting an American car like Tahoe or Yukon which has way more options & space than Toyota is a better option.. I used to be a Toyota bigot, until i've tried American cars, they're way better than yota's!
  3. Though everybody searches for Toyota Might be the best, but the dealer in UAE rips the hell out of people! Prices over here are SO high! Imagine how it would be after applying VAT next year! Bye Bye Toyota!
  4. Didn't see him close to the car in front of him, I think he wasn't paying attention to the sand dune more than being close the car in front of him..
  5. how to avoid tail gaters

    Have you ever noticed that the same Arabs/Expat Arabs that you're talking about they never sleep on the Left Lane ? Well that's the bright side of course..
  6. how to avoid tail gaters

    I was once tailgated by a car for like 5 Km's, I couldn't go to the right lane, because there were cars next to me.. The car was flashing the hell outta me, I got so angry, was driving a GT that time, I could easily get the hell out of the car, but anyways, after I had the chance to go right & give it way, Looked at the driver, it came out to be a woman who was flirting with other cars who were chasing her trying to take her phone number or whatever! Anyways back to solutions for tailgating, Full brakes, this will teach them a VERY good lesson, especially if they hit you from the back
  7. Yes I got that twice at the same radar 600 + 600 Went to Dubai police hrad quarters, told them I was driving 113 the radar should catch on 120 I objected & filed a complaint, went to a court, anyways, learnt to pay the ticket when it's there, even if it's not your fault, never object, because i've payed the exact same amount at the end..

    Mechanic Ibrahim Very expert Mechanic in Abu Dhabi, he will tell you exactly what's the problem & what to change, not like other rip offs! His mobile number is: 0526472844
  9. What's the middle Diff light ??
  10. Drones to monitor Dubai roads soon

    More cash $$$ coming to RTA's Pocket
  11. my experience at Location Garage

    Didn't use that car much at the desert, maybe once or twice.. All right, let's agree that it needs a change at something around 150k. It's not necessaey though as a routine change.
  12. my experience at Location Garage

    I once changed the transmission oil for my Land Cruiser, after that i've changed it three times, it's a no touch zone, maybe after 150k yeah, you might want to change it if you've noticed something wrong with the gear. But in general it is a no touch zone, because you will suffer a lot after changing it, besides who keeps a car in UAE more than 150k, most people use their cars for a short period of time & sell their cars, whether it's for heading back to country, no time to use the car, upgrade, many reasons. So better keep off that area.
  13. my experience at Location Garage

    Don't you Never Ever change your Transmission Oil Trust me on this, it will be your worse nightmare ever! Don't open doors of hell that you won't ever like.. Transmission Oils were built up for lifetime, no need to worry about it, except when you feel that there is a problem with the Transmission, then you'll think of it, otherwise, just leave it, it's meant to work forever.
  14. Best resale value car in UAE?

    I agree to each word Hawx have said.. It's a matter of taste, not a matter of resale value, & depends why you want to use the car for, is it for highway, or a car for personal use.. At the end of the day all cars lose their value, but usually Land Cruisers & Lexus four wheels hold up a little bit with their prices..
  15. Pentastar Engine Ticking Sound?

    Wonderful update! I have a 2014 unlimitted wrangler American specs, has done until now 12000, I don't drive it the whole week though, so let's see if i'll face any ticking.. Thumbs up for this post!