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  1. This is a good move to keep visitor traffic out of Fujairah traffic and connect them directly to khor fakkan road
  2. Allstar

    Fuel quality in UAE

    So do you mean fuel filter clogged up due to the wrong grade of fuel? Might be bentley driver must be filling special instead of super?
  3. any tentative idea on how much total expense will be for whole trip?
  4. Allstar

    New old cars

    Slight correction, as al futtaim doesnt have LC70, it's the omani dealer who sells and that too short one with 2 door and not this long, ambulance version. You should also add defender, mercedes g55, that has been there since forever without any major change
  5. Allstar

    SUV Choice

    Congrats mate, do you mind telling how much you paid.?
  6. Allstar

    Car vibrates on throttle.

    get your wheel balancing checked as your first incident highly raises doubt on unbalance wheel that only wooble at or after specific speeeds. then go with barry steps to eliminate.
  7. Allstar

    2014 V8 Charger

    I would anyday FAVOR GCC specs for less hassle while selling and better resale value. US import goes by weight (junk value) after couple of years due to incomplete service record, stolen, flooded, accident reason.
  8. Allstar

    Carnity boys v girls

    Maybe you can leave few girls with their car problem to go figure out kind of attitude, so they will learn the real science behind and after that, some might fall in love with it too.
  9. This is one hefty thread here, but sad to see many clubs are so quite and dying from their website looks. May be this thread need some re-evaluation on what is really active as per OP, my two cents
  10. This must be most noticed but never asked questioned that why people hide their number plates with clothes, gif and smileys while selling their cars? Are they ashamed of their car? Are they ashamed of their number plate? Are they ashamed of selling their car?
  11. Allstar

    How to evaluate my used car fairly?

    I dont think there is any such thing existing here and that's why dealer always give you so low offers as there is nothing to command any fair going price. What max you can do it yourself is do the manual depreciation and get an estimate by yourself, but still you cant prove any point to others for explanation. Btw, this is very good food for thought for any new online business who want to invest some good money in building such online and easy to use credible fair car evaluator tool.
  12. Allstar

    Hydro dipping

    This is so awesome that whoever wish to open this business, I can be the first customer for my wheels.
  13. Sadly all banks have similar procedure, so the only thing you can compare is with their interest rate and choose the one that offers less. You can't have one bank name as lowest interest provider as all banks keep on changing their interest rate on so many criteria (salary, car age, loan ammount, down payment and various promotions). Last I checked 6-7 months DIB was the best as and ENBD was little higher and Mashreq was teh highest. So do fresh search on their website and compare in excel when you are ready for the car buying.
  14. Allstar

    Off Road In Luxury Now

    This spanner thing is insanely simple and creative.
  15. Allstar

    Just for fun - counting with cars

    BMW M5 2017 model, nice game