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  1. So in that case, dont use chinese brake pads, tires and fake aftermarket part that has billion dollar market
  2. Thanks @desertdude and @treks for your expert comments. Do you know any lab address or name?
  3. Does anyone know reputed engine oil analysis lab in Dubai or Sharjah? How much does an engine oil analysis report cost? how long it takes? Any red flag to pay attn?
  4. This one is scary and, risky too, if you are not experienced.
  5. sleeping long hours is very good for immune system and loose weight. sleep atleast 12-15 hours and then yo will eat less too.
  6. Well even if car factory shutdown for a month or two, it will not affect there sales as after lockdown all economies will be tanked, very less will be buying new cars, phones, computers, gizmos in 2020.
  7. Nice article in gn https://gulfnews.com/going-out/coronavirus-what-to-eat-if-you-dont-move-at-all-during-self-isolation-1.1586252066208
  8. Go out breathe, long drive, eat, drink, repeat x10
  9. Narcos house of cars mind hunter daredevil altered carbon
  10. Or oxygen will only work for original buyer and then second hand users can die
  11. Have you evr heard any car company recalled because of engine failure, crack, overheating and fire....? Here is the most shoicking news I found and that too from Yota's. Common man. Do something better. Surprisingly on Camry, Avalon and Rav4 - all good known famous models. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a30997060/2020-toyota-recall-camry-avalon-rav4-engine-cracks/
  12. Including Porsche, Lamborghini and Cadillac
  13. It's a cars playground to see real life problem and concern getting solved, deviated, excalated to next level
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