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  1. ofcorse parking and salik fine is not from dubai police, it's the speeding and road vilation is covered under dubai police fines
  2. I think BMW road must be having more than 500 car spare part shops and workshop in that area includng those in gullies inside. Any clue wht is the new name of this road now?
  3. Thanks Barry for the quick reply, we are considering both ways where one day each one of us takes the car and no one pays to anyone. second way where they all use my car being spacious and comfy and share the fuel and service cost. do you know for first way do we need to take some legal permission or permit for car pooling?
  4. What is the final take on carpooling in UAE? Sometimes I read that it's not allowed, and other friend says if you register with RTA then you can do car pool in Dubai safely. Any clue on how does carpooling abudhabi takes? I have a month-long project in Abu Dhabi and I plan to share my car with two other friends from Dubai to Abu dhabhi going to the same office every day.
  5. How come creativity is limited due to regulation, I seriously want to understand
  6. Reanult use to make such capable high performance cars in the past that does not reflect with their present-day cars
  7. You can buy salik recharge card or use rta website by using credit card that offers cash back, so you will get 1-5% discount on evry recharge
  8. It's a Chevrolet Colorado ZR2
  9. Range rover took offroad to next level now
  10. For all the defender boyz, V8 is back with a bang but with a hefty price
  11. Are you sure about Stewart Warner there are tons of cheaper and accurate options SW is a prof race grade and very pricey
  12. I used K&N one time and stopped after because cleaning in sand is headache. My friend got some oil free brand of free flow filter and he was happy - cant rem the name.
  13. OMG someone have an audacity to talk so much. @Keithryan please tell me one good use of non participating member? I edited this image for you my friend @Carnity please start 300 dh month membership for non participating members, than this Salik came, people screamed DEWA added 5%, people screamed Dubizle become paid, people screamed VAT came, people screamed Cola doubleed, people screamed In end everyone went quiet
  14. because of high demand as they both are very good in sand - wait till june - wrnagler clearance sale will come
  15. well dealer still roll back import or stolen cars, all it cost is 50 bucks
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