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  1. I was looking for someone to help me out with updating my CV. @Wrangeld any suggestions on who could help?
  2. Bhai log, Since we have lots newbies joining, I'm planning to bring little one and mrs along—will it be ok? If not, me n Saaji will surely see you tomorrow.
  3. Me n my son will join you guys .. he's super excited, let's hope he stays committed
  4. Love the idea! I'm planning on bringing my family along (it also include a1yr 3m old baby); would you advise on brining along the baby?
  5. Happy Belated Birthday @Emmanuel Have an adventurous and blessed year ahead.
  6. Really excited to see you guys after so long. Will bring my son too. 😀
  7. Hey guys, I'd absolutely love to join but got couple of questions. I have an upcoming 10k obstacle challenge in Al Ain on Saturday. So I'd want to know is: - Can I leave early? Aiming to leave by 7. - Will it be easy for me to find my way out on my own? I wouldn't want to interept anyone's party time. Let me see if I can make it. Cheers, TJ
  8. I love this series, answered all of my questions already😁. Thank you.
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