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  1. @Gaurav bhai, I had to unregister, something popped up. Good news is the car is ready. 😀
  2. @Frederic Can I join in? All other drives are full. Radiator issue is sorted, I guess. We'll we can always find out during drive. Cheers, TJ
  3. I'd go with N number since it comes with the car anyways. I personally have bought 3 plates (1 bike + 2 car) they all have repetitive numbers and emotional value.
  4. Thanks bro! I felt this swb's turning radius and power-to-weight ratio was better imo. Both in my opinion great cars; it's just that I wanted to try out the swb. I still love my Safari.
  5. Great! Will check with them and the garage i go to; just to compare. Thanks @Frederic! Will get these checked and keep you posted on it.
  6. Guys, I was finally able to get back to the desert with the new toy Pajero 3.5 SWB. I got a few things done prior to my drive but I did expect few things to pop up. I could really tell the difference between my Y61 and this in just few minutes. It felt very responsive. @Gaurav bhai test drove it. Looks like it passed his initial test but to get it to the machine that I can rely on during our off-road adventures; need to get some upgrade done to it. Please help me with suggestions or tips on how to get it to stay cool. Thanks in advance.
  7. @desertdude 9k is the max I'm planning to shed out for it. Manual is preferred; the car will be for desert use only. I'm not to sure about the parts thou but thanks for the heads up @Fuad
  8. I was checking this one out too, after the incident I've been thinking to get something that won't break the bank on repairs. @Rahimdad I'm also inclined to get this one: https://tnydu.biz/DOy9Id What you guys think? I'm not in rush to get something now.
  9. Sorry for late reply. I've got a very limited experience of riding in UAE. I got myself a Harley FDFX Fat Bob, 1690cc in UAE & Harley Super Low, 1200cc back home — both bikes are fun to ride. Any bike under 1000cc will feel very under powered when you're long rides, specially here in the UAE. I've been to few bike rides with my biker group and brands I mostly notice are: Harley / Indian / Honda / Suzuki / Triumph. Every brands has a riders group + there're tons of independent group which you can be part of. You can definitely find some great deals from now until start of the sea
  10. Hope everything goes better for you n family.. I'd recommend wearing an N95 or P100 respirator at the airport to minimize the risk. Hope to hear from you soon.
  11. Brothers, Me n Saaji would love to join if any slot opens up.. please let me know.. cheers!
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