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  1. Dont trust the Stealerships, do you own research. Download the service manual or check your owners manual for the oil grade.
  2. Mitsubishi Eclipse V6 3.8 Gtv2009
  3. Mazda 6 Full Option 2.5L 2013-End
  4. More than anything, I feel sorry for the gas station staff who tries to sell these cleaners in the desert heat, so wanted to know about this.
  5. H1? I think they sell it to civilians in the west.
  6. My AC Delcos have always failed during 11 months exact! Atleast i got the warranty. Had to buy it again the 3rd year as my wife was stuck on the road and 800-BATTERY does AC DELCOs. Stay away from AC Delco. I have heard AMARON is very good and will post about it when it dies.
  7. I see almost everytime, the gas station staff tries to sell Carbon cleaning addittives for fuel and engine. Is it recommended? Does it do any good?
  8. @Rahimdad very true. You would see high demand car having the most resale and as a rule of the thumb, more reliable and well-built.
  9. Please count Emil out as he got on call from office. ME and shilpa will join for the BBQ at qudra.
  10. Emil 052 9065 260 + 4 pax including shilpa & Joe
  11. Just for future reference, the black paint on the eclipses are known to fade. There was an international recall but apparently, Habtoor knows nothing about it. I own a 2009 GT black and have the same issue, with the clearcoat gone off the hood and the boot.
  12. Great advise and great write-up!