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  1. sorry can't make it to this one 😪, out of country for 10 days
  2. jibransayed

    Newbie drive - 4 Jan 2019

    had a fantastic drive. Huge thanks to @Gaurav bhai for waiting so long and @Rahimdad bhai for accommodating my guest for front view pleasure and for your fantastic route selection.
  3. Enjoy and drive safe, will join you guys next year. Also I wanted an advice my office is selling their Jeep i will post photos should i buy it and keep it for offroad drives
  4. jibransayed

    Newbie + level drive 21 Dec 2018

    i checked with Mitsubishi they said we have to switch off ASTC by pressing the button near knees and engage 4HLc which will lock the central differential to split torque equally. It has to be engaged only when we encounter cross tracks or bumpy ride where the car computer confuses and thinks car is slipping heavily and starts to brake the wheels, and acts upon the engine accelerations as well. let's try this the next time removing the ABS fuse will disengage it completely but it is highly highly highly not recommended. This is the kill switch you were asking for.
  5. jibransayed

    Newbie + level drive 21 Dec 2018

    @skumar83 I hope the kids enjoyed the drive and had a good time
  6. jibransayed

    Newbie + level drive 21 Dec 2018

    I know its a short notice , but would appreciate if anyone has an extra spare flag and glass suction clamp for me. I will pay them during the drive.