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  1. Hmmmm . Quite right then better get it scanned from a local auto shop
  2. hahaah, come on dude, it will free of course , hahaha , i will just drive your car for 2 minutes to see it , thats it lolzzzz
  3. I live in dubai al nahda 1 . If u r free tomorow evening we can check it. Regards
  4. I meant what was the regular service were fuel filter etc and plugs changed on time or not. These details might give a little clue about situation. I have a bluetooth scanner if you want we can check your codes as well. Kind regards
  5. Dear Majid , when was your last service done ? and what was actually done at that service? do you have a record of regular service details? with kind regards
  6. OBD2 :)

    I am confused also , still getting used of it
  7. OBD2 :)

    So tried to get my hands dirty and finally got some readings Though i need more info and will try more
  8. OBD2 :)

    Hahah You can be just my friend and can have it Cheers
  9. OBD2 :)

    Yep . agreed with comments above but honestly i am also just doing it for a bit of fun thats it. but having said that i will also say many mechanics i have seen work very very bad so at least can keep an eye on them Regarding software i downloaded a lot of obd2 scanners and readers from google though couldnt use any one due to home n work engagements. Cheers
  10. OBD2 :)

    Hi Danny Good to read your comments It is a gift from a frnd of mine. And as told it should read all. I will test it on saturday and will share results with you. With kind regards
  11. OBD2 :)

    Wow . got my mini obd2 will try to play with it to see how far it can go :). Just realized there r tons of softwares free for andriod as hardwares are more or less same. Will c Ciao
  12. DIY for Begginers

    Hi Barry Have you uploaded vdos as well ? Regards
  13. Flusing AC conderser

    Hi all Ofcourse flush chemicaical CLEANS well The queation was condensor flushing where amount and pressure of this bottle is not enough. Same freon leaves no choice of contamination inside and have enough pressure which can knock every thing out . and a cylinder has enough freon . This is what we do in industry how ever every one is free for their choices. Kind regarda
  14. Generally speaking yes. even condensor can be converted to water cool for better cooling. But there are other things to tackle. Mechanical fitting of new condensor High air flow for bigger condensor Matching of peessure losses That is the reason i said some car designs are superb as they properly maintain super heat and sub cooling. while other cars just maintain fuel ratio only. Same bad car will give u superb cooling in winter with the same compresor because it can reject heat easily in winter time. With kind regards.