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  1. Thank you @Rahimdad for the birthday wish! Wadi Shawka was our first choice but considering it's a long weekend and everyone will want to be out enjoying the weather it would get very busy. So we thought of exploring something else. Want to stay away from enclaves mainly for the purpose of not having to use roaming on our phones (I know sounds silly). Maybe a random weekend will go to Shawka when not everyone's trying to go there
  2. Thank you everyone for the suggestions. I think we'll give Wadi Siji a shot and see where and how that goes. Will keep you all posted on the reviews. If that doesn't work out then will probably explore something new and keep you posted on that too!
  3. Thanks Frederic! I agree with you, the wadis we visited as kids and swam in either no longer exist or not accessible anymore. The place you suggested looks great, but we want to stay in UAE. So if there's anything worth going to here would be highly appreciated.
  4. Thank you for the wish! We have 2 x 4x4 and 1 x SUV. We dont mind driving for up to 2hours. Wadi Siji is just off E88 close to Friday market. I saw some images on google maps and the most recent one is from Nov 2018 and it looks decent (see below) Thanks @Ren13 but everyone wants to go in the mountains and not to the beach. If we take the kids to the beach they'd want to go in the water and if the weather doesn't permit then they'd be bummed out. So better not to show them the beach
  5. Hi Campers We're planning a bbq picnic in the wadi for Sunday, 2nd Dec (also happens to be my bday) and we're running out of ideas on which wadi to camp at. We narrowed down to Wadi Siji but cant seem to find any useful information online hence coming to you all for help/suggestions. We are 4 families (and just 2 kids) and want to go somewhere that's easily accessible, kid friendly and bbq friendly. Is Wadi Siji a good place? I'm also open to other suggestions (not in the sand). However we also prefer to stay away from Oman exclaves :) Thanks in advance. Looking forward to some solid advise. :)
  6. Thank you Carnity again for this not-so-adventurous adventure but so much fun!!! Looking forward to the next one. 😊
  7. Hey all! Please count us in on the road trip. 2 cars Radhika 050-4732445 Ravi 055-4220344 Girish (Presism) 055-7446740 Neelam Aayush Thanks
  8. Here are some pictures to go with the story
  9. Thank you team Carnity for the adventure! Indeed it was challenging but fun. Thanks for being patient and calm at all times no matter the situation (specially waiting for us). Unfortunately we won't be able to join on 10th Feb. But will look forward to another one after. Good luck!!
  10. Hi all We would like to join the ride on 3rd Feb. Please add us to the convoy list. 1 x car and 3 x pax Thanks Radhika
  11. Hi, we confirm our participation Radhika - 0504732445 Ravi - 0554220344 Can we also bring our kid who's 4? Thanks
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