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  1. It's alright. Thanks In the meantime, I'll try to find my way out.
  2. No Problem. Thank You for your help. If you can remember the next time you're on the computer please do post it here.
  3. @Barry Could you please let me what you referred as idle relearning? An youtube video or article would be really helpful. Thanks
  4. Thank You so much @Barry These really help. By Idle relearning did you mean these steps?
  5. Hello everyone, I finally figured out it's the Fault Code to P1122 mostly with an OBD scanner. (Throttle Control/Butterfly valve I guess). It's a big area. Any guess what could it actually be? Sometimes, it's a P0100 (MAF sensor) as well though.
  6. Thanks Man. I'll do. I am also having a feeling it's due to the Throttle Position Sensor. I should have it checked as well. What do you think?
  7. Thanks, Treks. No problem man. I'll surely have them check. But the thing is where we live it's hard to get a real expert on Nissan cars. We have Toyotas all over. Also, the issue is intermittent. So, It's hard for me to explain and them to figure out when it's on good condition. I thought I'd get some advice as much as possible to assume and do the rest based on them which I got. Thank you and everyone else for your help.
  8. Thanks Barry. I'll have it checked. Is there any possibility of that happening due to issues in CNG kit considering it happened for both CNG and Octane.
  9. I have started having the issue again after an year. I changed the air filter. Do you think this might cause it, by any chance?
  10. Thanks a lot @Gaurav I've driven it more than 100kms by now. It's been 2 months I bought(used) it actually. I changed the oil filter after couple of days of purchase. Still, some oil left in the bottle. "Also worth looking in changing all lubes slowly and make a track of all as a new start - coolant, brake oil, power steering fluid, gear oil, differential oil etc." Changed brake oil (installed new brake pad and shoe), used water instead of coolant (might this be an issue? ), didn't change steering oil(will do) . Didn't change gear or other oils. I'll do. Thanks a lot man. It helps. Thanks @Barry I refueled it. But didn't fill up the tank entirely or close to that. Should I try that?
  11. Hi Guys, The acceleration problem is gone now. It's running real quick now. Both in Oil and CNG. The car was sitting idle for 3 years. May be that was the issue with that. It's running regularly now. This might have fixed that, I don't know. What do you think? But I got another problem. The engine shuts down intermittently. I can not tell when and how it happens. It does very rarely though. Can you guys shed some light what I should check about that? @Rahimdad @amid @ethan @harryd Apology for tagging you if it disturbs you in anyways. Thank You
  12. @Rahimdad Thanks a lot for your insight. It helps. However, My car have both Fuel and CNG. This happened for both. Do you still think it's due to the Fuel Tank? Also, I heard from a folk (A car garage owner, I'm not sure if he's a car genius or not) this is a common issue of Nissan cars. And don't have any permanent solution. What do you think since you seem to drive a Nissan car?
  13. Thank you. I'll try this if it happens next time.
  14. Spark plugs are just installed very recently. Thank You for your help Ethan
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