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  1. Thanks a lot @Gaurav I've driven it more than 100kms by now. It's been 2 months I bought(used) it actually. I changed the oil filter after couple of days of purchase. Still, some oil left in the bottle. "Also worth looking in changing all lubes slowly and make a track of all as a new start - coolant, brake oil, power steering fluid, gear oil, differential oil etc." Changed brake oil (installed new brake pad and shoe), used water instead of coolant (might this be an issue? ), didn't change steering oil(will do) . Didn't change gear or other oils. I'll do. Thanks a lot man. It helps. Thanks @Barry I refueled it. But didn't fill up the tank entirely or close to that. Should I try that?
  2. Hi Guys, The acceleration problem is gone now. It's running real quick now. Both in Oil and CNG. The car was sitting idle for 3 years. May be that was the issue with that. It's running regularly now. This might have fixed that, I don't know. What do you think? But I got another problem. The engine shuts down intermittently. I can not tell when and how it happens. It does very rarely though. Can you guys shed some light what I should check about that? @Rahimdad @amid @ethan @harryd Apology for tagging you if it disturbs you in anyways. Thank You
  3. Thank You. I'll check them.
  4. @Rahimdad Thanks a lot for your insight. It helps. However, My car have both Fuel and CNG. This happened for both. Do you still think it's due to the Fuel Tank? Also, I heard from a folk (A car garage owner, I'm not sure if he's a car genius or not) this is a common issue of Nissan cars. And don't have any permanent solution. What do you think since you seem to drive a Nissan car?
  5. Thank you. I'll try this if it happens next time.
  6. Spark plugs are just installed very recently. Thank You for your help Ethan
  7. No smoke at all. No overheat as well. The engine condition seems really good. The temperature gauge was fine as well. The car's condition is pretty well in comparison to the mileage. Thanks a lot for your opinion.
  8. 1. Nissan Sunny 2003 Model. (JDM). B15 2. 140000 3. I just bought it used. It's here in Bangladesh from 2009. 4. Yeah. Spark plus has been changed and some wiring fixes. Throttle body has been changed as well recently. 5. Vehicle Solutions in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Thank You for your swift reply.
  9. I own a Nissan Sunny 2003 JDM Model (B15). I'm not a car geek, so I'm afraid I may not be able to explain the issue well. I'm recently having some sluggish Acceleration issue with the car. For example one morning I wasn't getting any speed on the acceleration. Looks like it's moving with the speed of lifting the break. I shut it down and went home. After few hours I came back and started it. All of a sudden it came back normal with a very fast acceleration. Is that a Known issue with the car? Have anyone experience this before? If so, what might be some probable solution? I'd be really helped. Thank You