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  1. That's not a bad's in Kazakhstan so should take her a good long while to go visit and come back. 😁 I like your thinking. -Byron
  2. Ultimately I'm going to be throwing an LSA on it, it's why I'm building to take 500-600. I can source a tr6060 with adapter, but then I'm off in fabrication land. Exactly where I don't want to be. Looking around at RPM transmissions I can order everything when I'm back stateside this Dec and just drag it in my suitcase and get er done. Wonder how the wife will take having a transmission in the living room lol. Just need enough cold beverages and my shop manual. -Byron
  3. It already is noisy. I guess in December I'll have everything in hand and just do it myself. Either way I'm ordering a stage 2 rebuild kit. After talking to many places here that either want too much money, or have zero experience and want too much money I'll just get off my duff and get'er done myself. It's not rocket science, a T56 is probably one of the easiest transmissions to rebuild. Only downside side to doing it that way is having to plan around future mods, as I was optimistic about doing it while my car already had the trans out. It's not a terrible thing to drop out later. Maybe 2 hrs tops. It's dead simple. -Byron
  4. TV boxes in UAE

    I have a Mac mini that is wonderful. Full on computer, HDMI out and we stream everything on it, and do homework with the kids. Perfect win.
  5. good locations to data log.

    I use HP Tuners Pro. Rolling road? is that slang for Dyno? Or he has a good place in the middle of nowhere? -Byron
  6. I have just shy of 200k kms on the current gear box. New bearings and seals, key ways and blockers may not be a bad idea at this point to continue the longevity of the drive train. Plus I'm almost convinced my input shaft bearing needs to be changed. Is this something that cannot be accomplished safely in Dubai? I would't be surprised given the lack of overall knowledge I see displayed at many of the "Tuning" shops. Its why I don't trust anyone with the tuning of my car here. Then again, sometimes I have also been shocked to find quality service. I try to keep an open mind until I see for myself. -Byron
  7. Any places in Dubai qualified and do good work on manual gear boxes? I'm doing my clutch in a week or two and I want them to have a look at and freshen up the gear box. -Byron
  8. good locations to data log.

    Not looking to break any laws. But a solid 1-2-3 gear pull at bouncing off my rev limit is hard to accomplish sometimes...... within the space provided. I'll head that general direction. I usually don't participate in such things, but there is only one good way to test the tune. Unfortunately I need a few miles of uninterrupted space to accomplish that. 🤣 Thanks! -Byron
  9. good locations to data log.

    Hi guys, I'm struggling to find good safe spots to run the car at max and get some data logs for my HP tuners to refine my current tune. Any good roads between Dubai and Abu Dhabi with less or no cameras? I need to hit my rev limiter a few times, and I need some space to do so. I'm not drifting or anything crazy, just monitoring my fuel and air ratios etc, and while a dyno tune is good, they don't help tuning for drive-ability. I am in the fine tuning, fuel economy and overall smoothness of the car. I am trying to refine my tune a bit, before final modifications. Any suggestions on locations that would be suitable? Desert roads or remote places where I wont be bothered or bother anyone doing what I need to do to get the data. Maybe in the northern emirates? Any suggestions are most welcome. PM me some pins please! -Byron
  10. Hi all.

    Hi guys, Alf over at U-Fix-it garage pointed me towards this place. Looking around a bit and it seems pretty nice. I have an older 2006 CTS-V1 that has been modified a bit. Mostly suspension and rear end, long tubes and high flow cats plus tuning. Total list of things changed is KW Var 3 coils, 5 lug conversion, 2010 Camaro SS rotors, poly bushings, poly cradle mounts, new drive shaft, LS7 clutch setup, wilwood master cylinder, long tube headders into high flow cats and a H pipe, new head lights, short throw shifter, I also run a Ford 8.8 irs rear end with DSS axles, tuning, cold air intake tube I built and various other little changes. I do a very good portion of my own manitenance whenever possible. I also own a tech 2 if anyone needs it. -Byron Click the link below to a high quality exhaust video with DB meter reading.