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  1. Yes am doing that tomorrow. But disappointing that this has to happen to a Japanese car. The whole point of going for a Japanese car is wasted with repeated issues coming up.
  2. No its the same with the rear on Compressor went kaput while I increased the revs while the car was in stationary position.
  3. Today I was sitting in the car park with the AC on. As the AC was not cooling enough (its more effective when the car is moving), I raised pressed the accelerator to increase rpm to 2000 just to get some more cooling. However what happened was that the compressor went off. I restarted the car but the AC compressor doesnt come on. When I press the AC switch the blower works but the compressor does not come on and the cooling is zero. My Paj is 3 years old and this is the second time this has happened (exactly same situation. On high revs AC went off). The last time it happened the dealership said they replaced the AC compressor under warranty. But now after a year it has happened again. Any ideas on what could be the issue?
  4. Barry you can be sure I will not do this
  5. There is no button on the gear level left side. What exactly is O/D ? Overdrive? Since yesterday I have been driving on manual mode thinking probably the car will pickup my driving style
  6. Guys, any idea whether our Pajeros (with auto transmission) have Adaptive Shift Control? Mine upshifts too early during normal tarmac driving and have been searching for a way to correct this. Below fyi which I picked up from a Pajero manual online.... (turn to page 23A-7)... ADAPTIVE SHIFT CONTROL 1. The computer learns the driving habits and preferences of each individual driver by processing driving data on engine output, tire load, foot brake operation, etc. It then uses this data to adjust shift timing to best suit the driver's style 2. If the computer determines from the driving patterns that the driver is one who enjoys a relaxed, unhurried style, it adjusts timing to execute up-shifts at a lower engine speed to provide a smooth, quiet ride. On the other hand, if the computer determines the driver to prefer a sporty ride, it adjusts timing to shift up at a higher engine speed to provide more powerful response. 3. If the computer determines that the driver tends to apply the brakes often on a descending roadway, it adjusts timing to down shift sooner so that engine braking is more effectively applied. Conversely, if the computer determines that the driver does not brake much while driving downhill, it delays downshifting to minimize the effect of engine braking. GR00003000A-23A.pdf
  7. I have been using BFG KO2 for the past 2 years and am very happy with them. They perform exceptionally off-road and I do not find the sound too much. Not sure whether you guys are aware....the top of the range (no 1 spec) 3.8L Pajeros sold in Oman are with heavy sound dampening compared to other models sold here. I had enquired with the Dubai dealership too earlier and understood that they do not order any models with this extra sound dampening from Mitsubishi Motors.
  8. AnandK

    Audio system for Paj

    Yes maybe I should consider something like this.
  9. AnandK

    Audio system for Paj

    The bluetooth function does not work properly. While talking on the phone through the bluetooth suddenly the bluetooth will get disconnected and after a few seconds again get connected. Tried different mobile phones but the result is the same.
  10. Hi Gaurav, I too didnt understand the wording of the video but can see he has placed the new fan between the oil cooler and the radiator. Wonder how that would perform.
  11. Hi Gaurav. Was curious to know how is it going with the fan. Did you see the AT overheat light again? And what do you guys think of this as a solution instead ?.....
  12. I have a 2015 Paj 3.8 GLS with the rockford system and the original audio gps system which came with the car. Could someone suggest an alternate audio gps entertainment system which will go along with the rockford system?
  13. So prior to every 5000Km service I will have to remove it
  14. Can you guide as to which car to source a suitable fan from ? Also any idea whether this fitment may have an effect on the dealer's warrantee?
  15. During normal tarmac runs when you do not switch on the fan dont you think the amount of fresh air reaching the cooler is restricted?