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  1. I have a 2015 Paj 3.8 GLS with the rockford system and the original audio gps system which came with the car. Could someone suggest an alternate audio gps entertainment system which will go along with the rockford system?
  2. So prior to every 5000Km service I will have to remove it
  3. Can you guide as to which car to source a suitable fan from ? Also any idea whether this fitment may have an effect on the dealer's warrantee?
  4. During normal tarmac runs when you do not switch on the fan dont you think the amount of fresh air reaching the cooler is restricted?
  5. Hi Gaurav. I live in Muscat and am facing this same issue. Discussed with the dealership service guys this morning and they suggested to get it done through some mechanic in Dubai. Could you pls let me know how long it took you to get this fan fitted and whether the transmission overheating issue is completely resolved with this solution?