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  1. Frederic Nuyttens

    1997 - 2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ Owner Review

    Hi Gaurav, Can you define "clean" ? What are the things from your experience we should be looking at when buying a vehicle this age ? I normally check the following stuff: * History of the car IF available * Mechanical condition without going too deep in the details. Look for specific known issues on the type of car you're planning on buying. Taking a technician along to look underneath the car. * Visual condition: How well has the car been taken care off. If an owner doesn't do the basic cleaning than most-probably the servicing was also done poorly. * Mileage: does it look realistic to the car's condition ? Very high mileage while the car looks brand new is also something suspicious imho. * Test drive it. Should quickly tell you the condition of brakes, clutch, etc.. * Sand: the presence of red sand in the small crevices of the interior would mean it has been offroad and especially in more remote places. Which doesnt have to be a bad thing but it indicates the car was really used offroad, I personally have two cars. One car that is relatively young and should be very reliable for me and the family. (no risks). My other car is my daily drive and considering i am spending less i am also less afraid to take some risks and go for a more rare and old model. This one is also my daily driver and "hobby project" as we all have Really nice and honest review ! Definitely a car that i loved when i was growing up. The richest guy of my hometown had a full option Cherokee and back then he had quite some looks. It is a classic now and the design is timeless and can proudly be put next to a Wrangler. (note: not the many Wranglers i see in my community which are heavily modified purely for the looks and have never seen any sand).
  2. Frederic Nuyttens

    Pajero engine failure

    The Mighty Paj’ rides again ! Hope to see it soon in real life as I’m planning to join you guys on one of the future newbie drives!
  3. Frederic Nuyttens

    car subwoofer

    @Bean i am with you on the Focal speakers, but when going for high-end speakers your total chain will need to be up to spec: 1) Proper amplification of these speakers through an external amp (not the headunit amp). 2) Proper cabling as mentioned above. 3) Acoustic insulation if your car is not built to acommodate such kind of speakers. (rattle-free body). We all love the high-end stuff, but it comes down to how much you want to spend and how high you want to raise the bar. In a rough and loud 4x4 it doesnt make that much sense to spend your dimes on high end stuff. Just my two cents of course
  4. Frederic Nuyttens

    Pajero engine failure

    Woaw that’s fantastic news ! The Comeback of the mighty Paj’ awaits !!
  5. Frederic Nuyttens

    Pajero sensor located next to MAF

    Thanks guys, i've put it back somewhere in the middle now and the car runs fine. I still need to find someone to have a look at the low power issue that i feel on this car. Runs fine on idle, consumption is around 15l/100 km, but every corolla or even yaris can pull away from my like i'm standing still. I think my 0..10 is in the region of 17-18 seconds which makes me think something is wrong. * Air filter is clean * MAF sensor cleaned and signal verified: look ok. * Fuel filter underneath the car replaced. * No engine check lights. It's of course an old car that probably lost a few horses throughout the years... but i feel more could be wrong. To be continued
  6. Frederic Nuyttens

    Pajero sensor located next to MAF

    @Barry Thanks i was afraid of that. I'll bring it to the workshop to get the setting back to normal while connected to gas analyzer.
  7. Frederic Nuyttens

    Pajero sensor located next to MAF

    @Gaurav strangely enough it it mounted on the MAF bracket but is a complete standalone sensor. It looks actually very similar to a throttle position sensor, but it is clearly not. Will try to search one more time in the service manuals of the pajero.
  8. Frederic Nuyttens

    Pajero sensor located next to MAF

    Hi @Gaurav yes the MAF sensors (vortex) are pretty expensive. I cleaned mine thoroughly a few weeks back with electronic cleaner spray, and it performs well. A new one was around 1600-1800 with the [email protected] guys. In my case when i disconnect it automatically brings on the engine check light and the car runs according to a default program setting. (no acceleration at all until you reach 2500rpm then it shoots up, but dies back immediately) So back ontopic now: anybody has any idea what this sensor located next to the MAF sensor is doing ? (see on picture the one with green and white wire on connector). TIA, Fred
  9. Frederic Nuyttens

    Pajero sensor located next to MAF

    Hi @desertdude no worries, i unplugged the MAF sensor cable temporarily because it was sitting in the way of taking the picture
  10. Frederic Nuyttens

    Pajero sensor located next to MAF

    Guys, I've been breaking my brains over this one: On my 1999 Pajero there is a sensor mounted on a bracket next to the MAF. (see pic). It has no mechanical connection to anything. It just sits there. There is a little hole in the sensor that allows me to turn it left or right. When i do so, i hear the idle speed slightly going up or down. I tried different settings and the engine performs the best when it is disconnected. * Is this some sort of choke throttle sensor that was never mechanically connected to the air inlet ? Although EFI does this automatically i'd assume ? * Some temperature measurement maybe ? Disconnecting it doesn't even bring up the engine light.
  11. Frederic Nuyttens

    The hatchback appreciation society

    @Sertac it was a 1.4 XS model
  12. Frederic Nuyttens

    The hatchback appreciation society

    My very first car. Always a fun to drive and never let me down. Only the brakes had the tendency of overheating. I wonder who's fault that was
  13. Frederic Nuyttens

    Pajero engine failure

    I spoke to my South African friend today and he mentioned that in SA some guys are doing the engine swap with a V8 Lexus block: Probably difficult to get that done properly here ? Just my two cents...
  14. Frederic Nuyttens

    Budget cars

    Anything Japanese with some decent maintenance history would do imho. Although i love that 7 series but you need to buy that car as a hobby-car to fix up if you have the available budget and pockets. Even some Kia or Hyundai might do the trick. I've seen plenty with high mileage that run effortlessly.
  15. Frederic Nuyttens

    Pajero engine failure

    I am so sad to hear this @Gaurav, knowing how much you love that Paj. I hope you find a solution. Since i started driving mine i have been also looking at similar models, and while i have seen the same as mine now and then (3.0 SOHC 12V), yours is definitely a rare puppy to track. I will do some online research too. All the best !