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  1. Frederic Nuyttens

    Scams in Dubai

    Experienced the Saudi beggar scam both in Saudi and in Dubai. Was caught off-guard both times and gave them some change and told them that's all i had on me. Reminded me back of my days going out to clubs and being ripped off by random dudes threatening me to give cash or get punched in the face. Frustrates me like crazy that people have the nerve to do these things and even get away with it. Definitely to be added to the list for Dubai are: 1) These so-called investment / financial advisors pushing you to put your well-earned Dirhams into a funding system with guaranteed returns.... Yeah right.... 2) These Bitcoin / TradeFX / scams that you will find on your regular MSN or Yahoo start page... 3) The people calling you that you won a prize but need to transfer money to with Etisalat or DU prepaid cards. 4) The Nigerian princes.... do they even still exist 🤣
  2. Fantastic. I am in again as it was the perfect introduction drive and i am expecting less refusals now since the original power has been restored to my "bakkie"
  3. Frederic Nuyttens

    27 Abandoned Car in UAE Impounded

    Gives me heartburn to see all these nice classics gathering dust. It frustrates me that these cars are being abandoned and will spend another 2 years in an impound before finding a new owner. They should make it possible that you can visit the impounds and can buy the cars which are cleared straightaway for cash. That would be like the perfect saturday occupation
  4. This forum has again showed its use. After reading Stig his positive review on Specialized Auto Care, i gave them a try on servicing my '99 Pajero. They did all the necessary maintenance at a very reasonable price and "Rishi" was able to solve my long-pending issue with the low power of the car. He performed a calibration of the timing and now it finally drives like a 3-liter instead of a 1 liter 🤣. This workshop is not a fancy garage, but they showed commitment and went the extra mile so they found a happy customer in me.
  5. Frederic Nuyttens

    Congrats Barry for 1000+ likes

    Congrats @Gaurav !
  6. Frederic Nuyttens

    traction control, VDC, overdrive, etc.

    Thanks @skumar83 will do that. I prefer they join Carnity forum first and start following the content. Then we can slowly integrate them.
  7. Frederic Nuyttens

    Congrats Barry for 1000+ likes

    Congrats @Gaurav another milestone reached !!
  8. Frederic Nuyttens

    traction control, VDC, overdrive, etc.

    Great suggestion @EmVarlet it will definitely be useful for future drives with different newbies and their cars. Thanks for sharing your details on how to setup the Xterra for Offroad. From my side i can't share much information on the electronic aids as i don't have any 🤣. But i have a friend with a more modern Pajero and another one with a Grand Cherokee that might join in on one of the next Abs.Newbie drives.
  9. Frederic Nuyttens

    First experience as a Newbie - Feedback

    What did you enjoy about the drive? The perfect organization and clear communication, and the proper briefing which is essential for every newbie. And of course the adrenaline of tackling the dunes ! Which part of the drive you think you enjoyed the best which you would like to repeat? The track had a very good combination of an easy start to find the harmony in the convoy, followed by a few more trickier areas where i found out that getting stuck is perfectly normal and there is almost always a way out. The best advice was indeed getting out of the car, having a talk or smoke while assessing the situation at hand, and only then decide which technique to use to get out of your tricky situation. I've used that technique already and again it proved to be essential to remain calm and composed. Do you think there was a good mix of lecture and practical, was the lecture too long, and any part that can be avoided or done in a shorter or different way? The briefing was very well documented and all basic topics were discussed. For newbies a proper briefing is definitely mandatory to avoid the possible dangers around the corner. Do you think anything else could be added to the lecture? I had the impression that some newbies struggled a bit with the 4WD settings on their car. Modern cars have many electronics and switching off the traction and electronic aid controls is indeed necessary for desert driving. A small separate workshop for 4WD and the different diff-lock settings, crawl modes, and the blip technique might be a good optional side-training. Do you think prior reading material would help? In my opinion every one that wants to become a part of an offroad community should master the theory, understand his car and its various settings, and read as much as possible as there is so much info available on the net. This gives at least some foundation and will definitely bring newbies faster up to fewbie level. Would you know where on the Carnity forum you would be able to find the information you are looking for? Yes, the forum is well arranged and the search function can be used at all times. Is there anything you think could be done in a better way? The team was very supportive, friendly, and approachable. In a place like Dubai where a lot seems to be about the material side of things, i was relieved to find a group of friends that prefer values like friendship and respect over anything. Many clubs in the UAE can learn from this ! How do you suggest to make things better for the new comers? How do you think you can progress within the current atmosphere and learning opportunities provided? The absolute beginner drive was definitely well organised. I will do my utmost best to join more drives in the near future and it might be interesting to have something like a "beginner family introduction day" where family could join in and see what this fantastic group is all about This could be like a half day with some easy dunes, followed by a camel farm visit and BBQ / snacks.