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  1. @Srikumar, @M.Seidam thanks a lot for organizing such a wonderful night drive, really getting in love with the night drives...wonderful covey mates that I drove with, @thomasvarghese great that you where fine at the end.
  2. Sorry @Shaaz Sha, would not be able to make it tommorrow, see you next time.
  3. @GauravSoni, sorry mate, would not be able to make it this week. See you next time on sand.
  4. @M.Seidam, @Looper & @Russ thanks a lot for a wonderful evening, really enjoyed my first FB+ and night drive. Thanks to all my convoy members for a wonderful drive.
  5. Thanks a lot @Hisham Masaad, @Gaurav Soni & @Zixuan Huang - Charlie for the wonderful and challenging drive
  6. Sorry @Shaaz Sha would not be coming tommorrow, see u next time on sand...
  7. Hi @Mehmet Volga, sorry will now be able to join tommorrow morning, have signed out...Will see you next time...
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