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  1. Forgot to mention- sri we missed you on the drive. hope you get better soon. best wishes srini
  2. Where can I start- what a night! super duper! lets start right at the beginning. we deflated and moved to the start of the track and fixed our flags. Right after the start I had a refusal! Mmmm I thought... not such a great beginning. we then stopped at a great point overlooking the iftat bowl and could see many more clubs all around. gaurav bhai, rahimbhai ,Emmanuel, shamil all tried their hand successfully to climb thee bowl. The sheer number of suvs climbing the bowl at the same time was incredible. the site where we had camped-so to speak- was a hot bed of sand dunes and up and downs and the number of suvs going around here was unbelievable. At one point it looked like the Dubai Sharjah highway peak hour- seriously. it really was a wonder that there were no accidents. we broke the fast and as usually the food spread was just super- chick peas Sunday, biriyani varieties, aloo & chicken sandwich, chicken bites, meat, and emmanuel’s sweets and many more. I thought I ate very little but 1/2 hour later I was so full I wanted to just lie down and take a nap. then the drama started as we were getting ready to leave. shamil had a pop out at the foothills of the iftarbowl. Not to be outdone my left front was flat and I could not inflate it. thankfully asif bhai, Emmanuel and Aaquil helped me ( meaning they did all the work- as I had no clue of what to do- finding the leak from inside rim, jacking up the car and inflating. Thankfully it worked. so after some folks left for the exit gaurav bhai as lead and asif bhai followed by Mirza and yours truly with rahimbhai as sweep we started the drive. man o man o man- was it exciting. I was driving near blind and having the lights on low beam did not help- must have been dreaming when gaurav bhai told us on the radio to switch to high beam- anyway what is a drive without getting stuck. I did that so many times. Gaurav bhai,asif bhai and rahimbhai bhai were patient and helped me self extricate with constant tips and a shed load of shovelling sand by them/ thanks a lot. the left right twisting the wheel just doubled my biceps in that drive. it was awesome to drive at night and pretty scary- had atleast 3 hard lands after creating and a hard hit of smaller dune I did not see as I came down off one. my fjc earned its money last night. close to the end a shovel in rahimbhai’S suv got loose - probably the number of time he took it out to help me- and smacked his daughter’s head. Thankfully no major injury. we exited the desert but not without one final hard drop after a crest right near the exit. aaquil had joined me as passenger and must still be having nightmares of why he joined me. But boy, that man knows his cars. He was telling me so much about my fjc that I had no idea. Thanks a lot buddy. i am the type of guy who gets into the car starts it and point to where I go and then get lost in my thoughts. My wife says that red lights for me is just a suggestion to consider if I want to stop as apparently I sometimes ignore them. these drives with this group is teaching me so much I wish I could join on the drives each anyway, super night. I reached home by 2 am. i look forward to the next drive- probably July for me. thanks again everybody for such a memorable night
  3. Ok. I just went with rsa and agency garages. next year I will go for the cheaper option.
  4. Thanks gaurav. rsa seems good. Off-road,gcs,breakdown comp comes at 2480. With non agency repairs. with authorised Toyota garage repairs the amount jumps to 4200. so should I go for authorised repairs as it 2016 model and still has warranty contract for service etc Gcs is supposed to be gcc cover
  5. That is my experience. So far comprehensive with off road and Oman and break down cover is 2887 through rsa. that looks good for me. I just might look at some more befor I decide. then to take my fjc xtreme to the inspection. last time around Thy failed the fjc stating ride height too high and I had to truck my fjc to artic trucks to check ride height and get a letter to say everything was ok and no changes needed. hope it is more straightforward this time.
  6. Thanks syedyaseer. Will look into all your suggestions Another question- when they ask how long I have had a license- is it only Uae license or is it since when I got my original uk license ?
  7. It is my second year in uae soon to start. i have to start looking at renewal of my insurance in June. looking through the past comments axa and new India insurance were 2 companies I am looking. are there any recommended insurance comparison websites in uae. i got fleeced (I think) for my first year insurance. In Al Ain only one company was willing to insure me. 2016 fjc xtreme cost me 4500 dirhams- no off-road cover or Oman cover. hope this time around I am a bit more lucky. lets see. any advice gratefully received
  8. I absolutely agree that jebel hafeet Is a great place. I live within 30 minutes of driving to summit. Best spot for me is the outdoor restaurant mercure hotel late evening 8 pm having a coffee or dinner with Al Ain lights at a distance. views during the day are great. i have to admit for a bit I thought gaurav was going to give hiking route on this mountain which I have been searching for some time but what am I thinking!!!! This is an off road suv club- walking - what is that😂😂
  9. Thanks Asif Bhai and thanks Emmanuel for the donation. regards srini
  10. Thanks gaurav and Emmanuel, lets hope I do not have to keep getting my points donation begging bowl out each month. look forward to seeing you all on 17 th may regards srini
  11. Hi, I am having great difficulty with these new point system to keep membership alive. although I understand this is to get people posting etc this should not be forced. it has taken me over 15 minutes to get this post written as I keep getting the message to upgrade to active membership and when I try to do this I get message that I do not have enough points. deeply frustrating. it just might be me as others seem to be comfortable. it sure is not working for me. regards srini
  12. Yet another fantastic drive. thanks rahimbhai, Emmanuel, Asif Bhai for all the tips and help and banter and the aloo paratha thanks to gaurav bhai for the sandwiches and sri for the powerful tyre inflator. thanks to the rest for making it memorable. after my initial refusal and the usual confusion of 4 high and 4 low I settled into a rhythm of sorts and enjoyed the drive. i particularly enjoyed driving up the slope in pink rock and then being driven by rahimbhai up the same slope. The car seemed to behave better with rahimbhai than when I drive it- I wonder why!!!😁 i can see that I am improving and enjoying the drives with all the expert help and tips. the final highlight is the brunch at the end of the drive. As usual a great spread ofeats. Thanks again. thankfully, I did not have any drama after the drive unlike the previous week with a flat and the drama with the spare! oberall, wonderful time. Look forward to my next drive. thanks again everybody
  13. Belated birthday greetings gaurav Bhai
  14. What a great morning. The drive was super and good mix of dunes and challenges. as gaurav mentioned in his brief before the drive- you get refusal or stuck then you learn more. i learnt a lot! the last bit- slide sloping was excitement and fear and barrel of adrenaline - pure fun- especially when my car was trying to get me down the quickest way and I was fighting it to stay close to the crest!! finally- we finished off with food and drinks in a mini oasis like place- shaded and trees- great aloo paratha, pav baaji, sandwiches, drinks, sweets and more. we finally and reluctantly moved out. i had the final sting or excitement at the inflation point when my tyre tube stem blew out with all its metal part leaving me with a flat. fred, Emmanuel,Eduardo,rahimbhai, gaurav Sri and others chipped in and helped out in jacking up the fjc and changing the tyre. i think without them I probably been there till late evening trying to first get the spare wheel out as the lock key on it was stuck and I could not get the tyre off it’s frame in the back door! it left me with a thought that despite my bad luck, I was fortunate it happened while I was stationary and not during the desert drive or on the drive back home. i got the tyre fixed at tyres.ae in Dubai. Costed me only 50 dirhams.Quick tyres were closed. the spare tyre rim had a problem and I was getting god awful judder at 80 km/ hour on the drive back. Looks like there the rim is bent.The tyres.ae guys said it will cost 400 dirhams to repair it. So let’s see if they do it right. Went to ace and got the kinetic ropes. Then to dragon mart and got the jtx jack. so now need a plank. Was way too exhausted to do anything more. so all in all - fantastic day. thanks gaurav for leading a great drive and thanks to Emmanuel & Fred to working hard to help me getting out of sticky situations and pulling me out. thanks rahimbhai for your tips and advice. fantastic day and I am looking out for next Friday. best wishes srini
  15. Yep. Mighty it is. Unfortunately not in my hands. But slowly getting there😁
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