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  1. Great newbie drive. Last 30 mts was just simply awesome. thanks a lot for the drive, tips and guides before and through the drive -especially on refusals. Enjoyed it . thanks rahimbhai, Sri, Asif, Emmanuel, and others who participated and made this drive enjoyable. thanks again for all the food and drinks- tasty! final good deed of the day was helping out the car stuck in sand at the exit point. all in all it was a good days enjoyment. best wishes srini
  2. Hi rahimbhai, i unfortunately cannot make it for the newbie ride tommorow. the person I swopped my shift has pulled a sickie and I have to do night shift tonight and tommorow night. just came to know about this. hope to join a ride if there is one on next week. see you all soon. have a nice drive regards srini
  3. How much did you enjoy your first drive? It was very goo and enjoyable day which got better and better as I reminisced and told my friends about the day. What did you enjoy about the drive? good intro to the desert and Very easy to some challenging( at least to me) bits in the drive. Which part of the drive you think you enjoyed the best which you would like to repeat?  I enjoyed the whole experience. i would like to repeat the challenging bits and get the experience how to get out by myself using all the techniques from the brief and during the drive Do you think there was a good mix of lecture and practical, was the lecture too long, and any part that can be avoided or done in a shorter or different way? Do you think anything else could be added to the lecture? The lecture was great and I cannot see anyway of making it shorter as all the info given were necessary for newbies Do you think prior reading material would help? Rahimbhai did send links to safe driving, safety kit, and how to get out of sticky stuff etc. i read all this after my first drive. i am sure it helps to have some info prior. Would you know where on the Carnity forum you would be able to find the information you are looking for? I usually use the search button to get what info I need. it is reasonably easy to navigate in the site. Is there anything you think could be done in a better way? Everything done was good How do you suggest to make things better for the new comers? My suggestion might be for newbies is to give a live practical demo of getting stuck in the sand and how to get out and what happens when you over Rev and how gently feather the throttle to rock and blip blip etc to get out. i did not realise being inside the car how much over revving I was doing and spinning the tyres and sinking deeper into the sand. How do you think you can progress within the current atmosphere and learning opportunities provided?  To join for further drives with the group and hopefully one day grasp what was taught on the briefing and drive
  4. Thanks a lot sertrac. Got it. it is the Adnoc, maliha road,qala-2, Dubai.
  5. I am not sure what I am doing wrong but my google maps is unable to locate the service station meeting point with the above co-ordinates. is this the service station in maliha road, Dubai al Qala-2, or is it the one al shuwaib road E55 Sharjah?
  6. I do second Fred’s post and his sentiments regarding the team and the entire experience. i had a great time despite getting stuck almost for eternity in the soft sand at the end. learnt quite a lot from the entire team. i enjoyed it so much that I Would love to join next friday’s drive which rahimbhai was talking about- managed to swop my shift on Friday-phew!!!! Thanks again regards sri
  7. Hi Rahimdad, my mobile is 0507590018. hi Mathew, altho I am in Al Ain, I am driving to Dubai Thursday evening to palm Jumeirah to my friends place and driving to tawi mixes from there on Friday. if things change will mail you. srini
  8. Many thanks everybody. if there is a Sri already in the group then I can be “srini” short for srinivas. other than snacks and fluids, what equipment should I be bringing for the drive. i have not yet bought any safety equipment like ropes etc. finally, can I bring a friend along in my FJC? regards srini
  9. Welcome to Carnity.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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