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  1. Hello Gaurav, wishing all a happy Eid. I wish to join this drive. Not sure, if I will qualify. I have not been to a night drive earlier.
  2. What more to ask... had all the fun of driving in desert.... off course different from all the previous drives I attended and feel lot more confident. @skumar83 a big thank you to you... drive was really fast this time... we covered a lot of distance in the desert. My friend left asking me to arrange a rent car for him to drive next time. @Gaurav and @Rahimdad perfect briefing to understand what to expect... excellent guidance... @Atif I now understand role of a second lead and the associated responsibilities. That last minute message saved my bumper and Thanks for towing me out when I was stuck.... overall... excellent drive except for a minor incident. I hope to see you all with the same spirit next time and sort this issue in the best possible way... Again, let’s all learn from it and be cautious next time... cheers.....
  3. Hello all. I am unable to make it today. Traveling to India tomorrow. Will see you after two weeks.
  4. I will make it most probably @Rahimdad. Again, family is allowed for this drive?
  5. Thank you all for accommodating me in the group and happy to be promoted. Gonna have an extra drink for this.
  6. How much did you enjoy your first drive? Emil. It was an awesome experience after being a passenger with rahim bhai on the first day. I was waiting to try the tips he gave. What did you enjoy about the drive? Emil. Driving down the steep dunes and most importantly aloo paratta at the end of the drive. Which part of the drive you think you enjoyed the best which you would like to repeat? Emil. Cutting the dunes. Do you think there was a good mix of lecture and practical, was the lecture too long, and any part that can be avoided or done in a shorter or different way? Yes, not long, nothing I can think of. Do you think anything elese could be added to the lecture? Nothing at the moment. Do you think prior reading material would help? yes, more videos on website for a newbie will be helpful. Like descent tips, approaching a dune etc. Would you know where on the Carnity forum you would be able to find the information you are looking for? Not fully aware. Is there anything you think could be done in a better way? Nope. How do you suggest to make things better for the new comers? Totally appreciate your guidance to a newbie especially on getting the flag, clamp, inflators, deflator etc. How do you think you can progress within the current atmosphere and learning opportunities provided? Continuously learning.
  7. It was a wonderful drive... there were many places which I thought was difficult for me to handle. Thanks to confidence given to me by Gaurav, Rahimbhai, srikumar... you guys made me feel proud of myself... I have learned a lot more...
  8. Hello Rahim Bhai, thanks for the advise. I shall join for the next newbie drive sometime later.
  9. Please suggest if I could join this drive. I was away for few days and missed the last two drives.
  10. I am just back from my travel. Thrilled seeing this video. Excited to join the next drive.
  11. Hello All, apologies, I will not be joining you for this week’s drive. Traveling right now and back on Sunday. Excuse me this time.
  12. In... I am bored for tomorrow... will wait for the excitement next week... cheers...
  13. Having read few articles, I understand it is going to be colder in the desert than normal. I shall carry few warm clothes as well. Meantime, from the list of necessities, I have got the pressure gauge, deflator tool, flag, clamp and the radio. I was unable to decide on the right air compressor as too many vendors in Dragon mart confused me with various models. I prefer to buy a model tested and proven from the experience of everyone. Shovel, I forgot. Sincere Apologies.
  14. I guess this is out of my reach. Shall join the next newbie driving after my tomorrow's experience.
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