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  1. Hello Rahim Bhai, thanks for the advise. I shall join for the next newbie drive sometime later.
  2. Please suggest if I could join this drive. I was away for few days and missed the last two drives.
  3. I am just back from my travel. Thrilled seeing this video. Excited to join the next drive.
  4. Hello All, apologies, I will not be joining you for this week’s drive. Traveling right now and back on Sunday. Excuse me this time.
  5. In... I am bored for tomorrow... will wait for the excitement next week... cheers...
  6. Emil

    Newbie drive Kalba/Maliha 16 Nov

    Having read few articles, I understand it is going to be colder in the desert than normal. I shall carry few warm clothes as well. Meantime, from the list of necessities, I have got the pressure gauge, deflator tool, flag, clamp and the radio. I was unable to decide on the right air compressor as too many vendors in Dragon mart confused me with various models. I prefer to buy a model tested and proven from the experience of everyone. Shovel, I forgot. Sincere Apologies.
  7. Emil

    "Dawn to Dark" Sweihan Desert Drive

    I guess this is out of my reach. Shall join the next newbie driving after my tomorrow's experience.
  8. Hello Rahimdad and Gaurav, Thanks for the welcome. I shall try to arrange whatever possible today for the safety accept of the vehicle. Do you know the shop name or approximate location of the shop where I can get the necessities of the desert trip? Regards, Emil George.
  9. Hello Rahimdad, Thanks for your quick reply and so nice of you to accommodate us. Can I bring a friend along with me? We can drive to the meeting point to avoid the hazels. Else, we stay in Silicon Oasis. Just understood the vehicle is called Y62 (New shape). Regards, Emil George.
  10. Hello All, I just joined the club today. Pleasure to be introduced to you all. Having lived in UAE for the last 10 years, exploring the desert was always beyond my thoughts. Reading the comments from the last drive you had on the 2nd sounds very interesting and definitely excited join if given a chance. I am very new to off road driving except that 2 years back I got stuck in the sand while going for the desert carols. After which I saw some of the youtube videos to understand some of the basics. Not sure if a modification is required on a Nissan Patrol to drive in desert. Tyres were replaced 2 months ago (Basic Tyres). Having gone through the list of mandatory equipments required for desert drive, I shall go to ACE and find them this week. Event on the 9th looks slightly professional and not sure if you will accommodate an amateur. Else, I shall wait for the next newbie event. Thank you, Emil George.
  11. Welcome to Carnity.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.