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  1. Guys, after long time I’ll finally be able to join again. See you Saturday!
  2. finally I’ll find time to join you again! Looking forward to driving with you next weekend! I’ll decide spontaneously if the driver will be me or my girlfriend (absolute newbie)
  3. Thanks everyone for this amazing trip. I’d a lot of fun and was able to learn new techniques. Looking forward to joining again!
  4. awesome! I'm in! This time with my own flag and walkie talkie 😁
  5. guys, I had only two drives with you and am still considered as a newbie, however I would love to join. Is there a chance or not recommendable for me to go so early?
  6. I'm glad you were able to open it for all levels. I will join on Friday. Looking forward to it!
  7. Hey guys, it was a pleasure meeting all of you! I had a lot of fun and learned something new, which was nice. I hope I can join soon for the next newbie drive!
  8. I bought my car only for a few weeks ago and it had this aftermarket bumper installed. So I'm sure it has a towing point. The back is still standard. I will check today to be sure. I thought you were talking about the hook itself, which I don't have.
  9. hey. Nah, I have a '16 JKU I don't have towing hooks yet, no. Any advise where I can get some before we start?
  10. Hey guys, I am new on your website and saw the Friday drive. I am looking forward to it!
  11. Welcome to Carnity.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    Please spend a few minutes and do read About us and Frequently Asked Questions

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