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  1. You can sacrifice for the stunning look🎊
  2. Never expect this sound from the LED light bar
  3. Can check al Amani auto spare al Khor052 105 6823 - Murali Krishna, I changed the similar things in my pajero 2 months ago
  4. Ya true there will be waiting time for around 2 months and above for that it’s better to chose the car which doc are readily available, and the most importantly u need to keep some budget for onroad readiness
  5. I think I have decent experience to discuss this topic as I did few deal of buying the cars like hobby bisi in Emirates auction and I feel it’s a bit cheaper and what I understand from that is there are cars from the banks, court, police and from garages (who repair the accident vehicles) and so on... yes comparatively cheaper with market prices from used car markets and websites like dubizle, but the thing is we have to be smart enough to chose the right car to bid and win. It’s like a guess and proper inspection at the auction (as Emirates auction allows to check the car in start condition) you can select the cars and go to the auction center and surrender the Emirates ID and collect up to 5 keys and those can be checked and we can make our mind for the right choice and come home and start bidding only on the end time just before 5 mins, and if we have to fix the price for the car with all other charges and if worth to bid can continue else just forget and look for other cars, in terms of documents when u choose the vehicle check the terms and condition before as there are documents clearance upon payment and some will be have issues like court and other formalities which usually take more time
  6. Not sure about the day will try to join Missed last drive 😌
  7. the Video was bi scary, it’s true if we are with bare foot it will be dangerous, same time the shoes we chose should also good enough to handle this snake bite, does any specific brand or model we have to chose for desert, have seen the tour operators were using a sand colored military kind of shoes
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