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  1. Thank Sir for thinking that i can help in this case. Sorry for being late as i was busy in some purchases so hardly got time to check social media. Well as it is suggested above use the recommended oil as per manual. the brands which are mentioning are ok but try AMSOIL, Royal Purple, Syntix, kandel etc for better results and performance. the availability of these brands is an issue but u can try atleast to put some good oil into gear box
  2. Hi I could have earned more but there is limitation of posting only 10 posts per day. Otherwise i was thinking to make double century
  3. Hi, the name like Glanz Lube is making you come forward and say that all information in this thread is wrong and false whereas I can point out many things on your knowledge. Yes, we are in this business, from manufacturing to wholesale selling(Covering Americans, European and Local) but not with this name. the only information given before your first comment was an API chart from their website and if you and to tell them that they are wrong surely they will not have time to waste on this. secondly, the DOT 3 and DOT 4 which you are mentioned especially for European cars, is not like that. I guess there is a need to know why the car needs to have higher boiling point liquid rather than giving a try to have more boiling point liquid in your car. To have coolant and not to have coolant is entirely your choice as it belongs to you. my point will remain like this that if you have to add water in the coolant then what purpose left for using coolant. -40 temperature in GCC I never experience so far may be due to my limited mobility in this region. however, you have clearly avoided the topic of required/recommended viscosity by the manufacturer. if a car manufacturer recommends to use 20 viscosity but you want to use 50 based on temperature reasoning then again it's your choice because it's your asset.
  4. Hi, you can buy 5W 30 or 10W 30 minmum in SM or better go for SN. while recommending the oil the manual also suggest you to choose 5W or 10W as per your temperature range however the viscosity will remain 30 for both.
  5. Thank you, sir, for the information and this definitely helps us to improve and update our knowledge as well. we are all here for the same purpose. my question is if "engine oil temperature range" is the information telling us temperature range in which oil can give its optimum performance then what will be the temperature of the engine while running in which oil is in use? in the same picture the owner of the thread is mentioning to use DOT4 brake oil, well then why manufacturers always recommend using DOT3 or a mix of DOT3 and DOT4 brake oil? Do you really think you need to use Anti Freeze Coolant while living in GCC? it is mentioned over there. If you add water in Anti Freeze Coolant then what will be the purpose left for using coolant instead of using water? in recommendation it is saying use the engine oil as per your climate then should we use different oils in winters and summers? I seriously couldn't find less than this from this picture. please don't mind as my purpose of asking the question is not to challenge anyone's knowledge. my humble apology
  6. Ok, check the oil cap of the engine. On it, it must be mentioned which specification they recommend to use. Or you can open the manual book of the car and check which specification of oil they have recommended to use it. tell me that then I will be able to help you to find the best/ suitable oil for your car
  7. Well, 0W 20 means at zero temperature the viscosity is 20 so you can't match both oils. both are completely different. 5W 30 SN you can make with group 2 and group 3 mix base oil whereas 0W 20 SN you can't make without group 5 base oil. the composition is completely different
  8. Hi, there are many manufacturers making full synthetic and the prices vary from 7 dirhams to 60 dirhams per litre guess the difference? I will open topics and knowledge base here so that members will know which brand or specifications they have to use. I will not advocate any brands as everyone is doing a great job. only you need to know which oil your engine manufacturer is recommending and only you have to use premium quality in that recommended specifications. ask your service guy about oil filters as well because a 5 dirham priced oil filter can damage your engine no matter you are using highly recommended oil. 0W 20 is the best oil, I am also using it. it is not because it is best oil but my engine manufacturer is asking me to use it. all American cars no matter these are Honda, Toyota etc 0W 20 is the recommended oil for them. while in GCC these manufacturers say that use 5W 30 because of some engine changes. however, try to use SN grade or SN Plus in these API
  9. Hi, it is good to stick with timed intervals for oil drain. the oil game is not at all confusing. only we need to know a few basic which will help us in future to know which oil we are using and what results we can achieve from it. time intervals also depends on your oil filter quality or life. in motor oil some brands refers an oil drain up to 25,000 miles means 40,000 km which I also have experienced in my car but with recommended oil filters and to change oil filters after every 12,000 km. after changing oil filter you can top up the oil with same brand same specification which is already in engine.
  10. Hi, once I visited Toyota dealership and asked for their warranty card. while reading the details I pointed out that the engine manufacturer is clearing mentioning that use motor oil with specification 5W 30 SN then why are you referring your clients to use your labelled motor oil which is inferior to recommend one. which was I guess 5W 30 SM Semi-Synthetic. they had no answer and in the end, suggested me to talk with their management. so would you like to give your car on which you have spent thousands of dirhams and which is your asset to these business oriented people to run it for you? i guess no
  11. Hi, thank you so much for your responses and sharing your experience on this topic. it is always good to know your engine of a car and what it needs and how we can use its optimum life with performance. Oil runs like blood in engine and Oil Filter act as the heart for the engine. My experience is that sometimes people really care about motor oil which they are using but don't think about oil filter which can also destroy the engine within a few thousands of kilometres. it is also recommended to know which oil filter we are going to use for our engine. normally the oil filters which are available in the market can run up to 5,000 km to 7,000 km which every oil manufacturing company gives the guideline to drain the oil and change the filter. every oil evaporates on a certain level of heat producing in the engine. some oils have a high temperature of evaporation and some have less. it can be seen which we keep on checking the oil level and it shows some less amount while checking on the dip stick. so in short we must know why we are paying 300 to 400 dirham against 100 dirhams and what benefits we are enjoying for it
  12. Hi, thank you so much for your appreciation on topic. In fact, I remain ignorant on this for years on this topic then in one car which I did modification I faced a sound like gharrrr coming from the engine in cold start for few seconds like less than 3 to 4. when i I came to know that the oil pump of the engine is not designed to pump thick oil which I am using on the recommendation of my mechanic so for few seconds engine has to run without full pumping of oil to all parts of the engine. which eventually destroying my engine. I have attached a simple chart to read the API specification of motor oil which must be used as per manufacturing year of engine. As of current models, we must use GF-5 Dexos-1 Gen 2 oil. I wonder if some local manufacturers are producing this specification of oil for your thousands of dirham cars?
  13. After spending the number of years in this field, sometimes I really feel to ask you guys that do you really care which engine oil are you using and how its wrong selection can destroy your entire engine? Please share your views
  14. The best engine oil is the oil that is fulfilling the specification recommended by the engine manufacturer. We often use motor oil which hardly matches with recommended API and SAE. The new engine must use full synthetic which is SN so that the life of the engine can achieve its maximum level along with its performance. Mostly American cars use 0W 20 whereas European cars refer 0W 40 however in GCC it is recommended to use 5W 30. in all above-mentioned grade use minimum SM or otherwise use SN.
  15. Hi, first of all, check what specification of motor oil is recommended by your engine manufacturer. like which API and SAE? It is highly recommended to use correct oil for your engine if you want to use its full life otherwise the engine will drain very quickly. Mostly in GCC engine manufacturers recommend 5W 30 SM however for GCC model you can go higher for SN full synthetic one. Secondly, as you are more concern about motor oil the same you care you need to give to the oil filter. Oil filter acts as a heart for an engine and if it is choked then not a gold liquid can save your engine.
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