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  1. No idea. I just saw this online, so thought so sharing with u guys.
  2. http://faq.out-club.ru/download/pajero_iv/catalogs/pajero-iv-access-JP.pdf
  3. Mines 265/65/R17 . Anyways will check out with some shops. I heard that bigger size rims wil reduce fuel consumption n ride quality .
  4. As I said , i wont be going offroad at all . I like big rims. So i was thinking if ever i put an 18” or 19” would that be an issue in handling / fuel economy/ or any other disadvantages .
  5. Hi everyone, I would like to ask all your valuable experience regarding rim size. I am new to this group , have recently bought a 2012 3.5L pajero (4 door)with 78k km. I have stock 17" rims on it ,thinking of changing to a stylish rim, maybe 18" or 19. I dont plan to do much off road driving , so it would just be for a cosmetic change . I just did a sample try in a shop near sharjah * (pic below but that was 20"). I have no idea about Tyre sizes or alignment and stuff like that. Kindly give some advice on this . Thanks :)
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