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  1. Hello Everyone, What a perfect drive to end our Friday. Wonderfully lead by @Pancho and great support from @Chaitanya D. I must say, we had a wonderful convoy and everyone drove very well. Great assist from @Anish S. See you all soon again
  2. Hello @Emmanuel, I have decided to support our newbie drive which is happening on the same day. Hence you can provide my spot to the next lucky person on the WL.
  3. Hello Chaitanya, Just to let you know that , this is my first drive for the week. Have not planned for anything more this week. Cheers J
  4. I think most of the points are covered, just to add 1. Drive it and see gear shift response, engage 4H and 4L. 2. Verify the barcode on all doors, just to see the body is clean.
  5. Trust me @Frederic i have camped twice this season and you have literally covered everything, like 100 percent. This is my checklist post before every-time we head out for camping. Still I am a beginner, but would love to hear some from experts here for some beautiful spots. Last time we camped near the love lake, where the long range dunes start.
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