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  1. Wow , excellent capture Gaurav bhai
  2. Hello All, I hope, everyone enjoyed your Friday morning ride. My sincere thanks to @Brette for giving me a wonderful opportunity as lead and I drove in total confidence that never have to look back with you being in second lead. @Nathan Evans this is my first drive with you and I must say you had complete control of your Jimny. @Baskaran P.R drove with complete confidence except the initial hiccups which happens to everybody. @Harold Roberts @Hisham Masaad worked their way through on their FJs and well done. I must say the back convoy was real strong and hardly any words from them, hope you guys @Sajit Modiyil @AlexPol @Paul Zeitoun had fun at the back. Congrats @Ashy on your first recovery and many more to come and thanks again @Anand Nataraj for your excellent Assistance at all recoveries. Cheers J See you again soon in the sand.
  3. I agree with Sony now, initially I thought it was Sony AX3000 but later changed mind to 5000. Here is the comparison. Reddit - CarPlay - Sony XAV-AX3000 vs XAV-AX5000
  4. Hello All, Any reviews for ram car mounts, looking at this https://www.amazon.com/Suction-Universal-X-Grip-Holder-RAM-B-166-UN7U/dp/B0066BWMNU/ref=sr_1_3?crid=2F3UIDOQ0XNL9&dchild=1&keywords=ram+mount&qid=1611574191&sprefix=ram+mo%2Caps%2C370&sr=8-3 Cheers, J
  5. Thank you so much @Gaurav @Lorenzo Candelpergher @Luca Palanca Falsini. It was great driving and leading with you guys. It is a completely different experience when you lead, quick decision making plays a very important role here. I am eager to try again this week. See you all again soon!!!!
  6. Called them, unfortunately no stock. But they are going to get it in a week's time. Also have requested for a call back from ACE for the warranty details. Sure Rahim bhai , will definitely keep that mind.
  7. Hello All, my compressor finally gave up after 8 months of usage. Looking to buy a new one and I was searching for MM and couldn't find any where. In the mean time looking for your opinion on below compressor. https://www.aceuae.com/en-AE/bushranger-rv-air-compressor-12-v-60-psi/166005.html
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