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  1. Wow, what a great news to start my week with. Thank you so much @Gaurav. This wouldn't have been possible without everyones guidance and support. My humble thanks to all my well wishers @Frederic @Wrangeld @Srikumar @Tbone @Mohamed Seidam @Anish S @Veedooshee @Anand Nataraj @Nivin @Brette @Ale Vallecchi @Yousef Alimadadi @Chaitanya D @Jun Zamora. Looking forward to driving with you all soon.
  2. Congrats @Desert Dweller!!! looking forward to join your lead drives. Well done
  3. Wow, congrats @Anish S!! well deserved buddy. See you on friday.
  4. Good one @Rizwanm2. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Hello All, I have got my car back after long time post replacement of transmission (sourced from Saja). Drivability and transmission is good, but wanted to know how reliable is this car, should i keep it or sell it or should i do a complete check and keep rolling. Model: 2012 Captiva LTZ Kms: 124000 Cheers, Jana
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