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  1. This is a controversial topic. There are many good brands, but also depends on the esthetics that you are looking for your car. Me for example, having a wrangler, I prefer the round lights over the lights bars. I am a fan of Hella and KC lights. Also depends on your budget. And if you want a permanent fix or something removable.
  2. I am looking forward to drive over the night in the desert and use again my off-road lights. I haven't tested them since I moved to Dubai. I took my car to the garage to replace oils and filters. Also repair the air compressor (turned out to be a burned fuse). So I expect my car to be ready for the adventure. Driving at night really is a very different experience, but I am confident that the high level of the participants will make it a pleasure. So will se you on the sand this Friday evening.
  3. Hi. I bought mine in Chile, new from the dealer and brought it here with me after running the numbers and deciding it was the best deal for me. i don’t know about your particular case, but as they say, i would make sure it is not a lemon checking the history of the car. And also ensuring it is not stolen or a salvage case. So far i have had no problems with the temperature here after almost one year. I am not sure if jeep has a particular specification for GCC as other brands do. I have full off road cover in my insurance....... I have my trusted garage that has se
  4. I know that tires are not cheap, but life is more expensive. The tires are the link between the car and the road, and I don't spare on safety issues. If I were you I would dispose of that tire and get a new one.
  5. Dear Frederic. You were my first drive leader when I was an absolute newbie some months ago. I still remember that ending the ride, I received a call from a friend that was having a mechanical issue in Al Qudra near solar park (in the middle of the dunes). I had to leave the convoy to assist my friend. Being new to the area you helped me find a way to my friends location using google maps and offered to join us later (after ensuring the convoy had exited safely), if there was any assistance requirement. Luckily I managed to help my friend solve his mechanical issue and exited th
  6. Don't be fooled by the wide angle video. It can create the illusion of higher speed and sharp angles. You can actually see the "speedometer" showing speeds over 80 KM/H when they are clearly going slower than that. I suggest, that if you want to do extreme things, get the proper equipment for it. A boogie, helmet, 4 points seatbelts, rolling cage (real rolling cage). Street cars are not meant for driving like that in the desert.
  7. Thank you for the promotion. I am looking forward to learning new things with this amazing group of friends and support the growth of the organizations and new members. See you off the road
  8. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9078397/amp/Plastic-pollution-killed-hundreds-Dubai-CAMELS-suffer-slow-death-experts-reveal.html
  9. One clarification. We were using a towing strap (not kinetic) to extend the reach of the winch. Also my jeep was anchored using the tree protection strap (not kinetic). The winch is a Warn 12.000 with synthetic rope. Therefore the break risk was minor. Next time I would use a snatch block to double the winch power to 24,000 lbs; use the blanket to put some weight on the winch line and; secure the connections with additional soft shackles. But in general, I am very happy with results and the team spirit that we put in the rescue operation. It was a great learning opportunity for all of
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