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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021 - Winning Team

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  1. The pedal commander should not void the warranty, since its not an actual modification., Just an add-on. For the kill switch, what is the switch killing?
  2. I would have thought that each team would take the same channel as team number to facilitate the support team to communicate with each specific team (easy to remember). hahahaha No worries. I will listen to the sweet roar of my engine on the dunes No worries. I will listen to the sweet roar of my engine on the dunes
  3. I still carry the original jack that can work with smaller cars
  4. To be honest, I have never tested. But that's what I have been always told by my electric engineers friends. And not being an expert on the field I rely on their advice. Imagine frying your computer in the middle of the desert........
  5. Completely disconnecting the battery is a bad idea to jump starting, because at some point to reconnect it you might leave the circuit open, and voila, there goes your computer......
  6. I didn't watch the video. But when I replaced my winch line I used a second car on neutral on a flat surface and on tarmac to provide the right amount of tension. It took me 5 minutes tops. A private street or a secluded parking place can serve the purpose.
  7. I would say that this market has a different composition of buyers (multicultural), and probably the rotation is higher (based on people living few years in the country in average).
  8. Interesting article: https://www.thedrive.com/news/42944/jeep-wrangler-depreciates-the-least-nissan-leaf-the-most-study
  9. I get my insurance the same day I inspect the car in the RTA and in the same office, so I haven't have any issue with that.
  10. Count me in. I will enjoy this day very much if selected
  11. Hi. I had the Australian X-Jack. After one year carrying it in the back of my jeep I wanted to use it some weeks ago and it blew up. I think that it cannot handle the summer heat inside a car. Thanks God it happened before I took the tire off and there were two other mates to help me. Now I have the ARB Hydraulic Jack that works perfect with a Jeep (same as high-lift but without the safety hazards). I am curious about that model with the tree small round tubes. If anybody tries that I would like to hear about the experience.
  12. It is absolutely true. I had 35's and now 37's in my jeep. 4.56 has been the solution since the beginning. The lift is only to create space for the bigger tires, as you said, the clearance is provided solely by the increase size of the tires. Enjoy your improved ride
  13. I don't have spare tire. I am sorry, but I am not available. Not sure how my name ended there. If I were available I would do it more than happy. I am eager to go Offroad
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