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  1. Dear Frederic. You were my first drive leader when I was an absolute newbie some months ago. I still remember that ending the ride, I received a call from a friend that was having a mechanical issue in Al Qudra near solar park (in the middle of the dunes). I had to leave the convoy to assist my friend. Being new to the area you helped me find a way to my friends location using google maps and offered to join us later (after ensuring the convoy had exited safely), if there was any assistance requirement. Luckily I managed to help my friend solve his mechanical issue and exited the desert with no additional events. What impressed me was your willingness to support us even when we had just met that day. It matched with my view of the "Off-roader spirit: We go in together and we come out together". In summary I though to my self: "if these people do this kind of things and behave this way, I want to be part of it". Congratulations for a very well deserved promotion. I am looking forward to participate in some of your future rides.
  2. Don't be fooled by the wide angle video. It can create the illusion of higher speed and sharp angles. You can actually see the "speedometer" showing speeds over 80 KM/H when they are clearly going slower than that. I suggest, that if you want to do extreme things, get the proper equipment for it. A boogie, helmet, 4 points seatbelts, rolling cage (real rolling cage). Street cars are not meant for driving like that in the desert.
  3. Thank you for the promotion. I am looking forward to learning new things with this amazing group of friends and support the growth of the organizations and new members. See you off the road
  4. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9078397/amp/Plastic-pollution-killed-hundreds-Dubai-CAMELS-suffer-slow-death-experts-reveal.html
  5. One clarification. We were using a towing strap (not kinetic) to extend the reach of the winch. Also my jeep was anchored using the tree protection strap (not kinetic). The winch is a Warn 12.000 with synthetic rope. Therefore the break risk was minor. Next time I would use a snatch block to double the winch power to 24,000 lbs; use the blanket to put some weight on the winch line and; secure the connections with additional soft shackles. But in general, I am very happy with results and the team spirit that we put in the rescue operation. It was a great learning opportunity for all of us.
  6. Thank you @Emmanuel for a very entertained driving. The route presented interesting challenges and beautiful sceneries that I enjoyed very much. I brought a friend that left the country this morning with his wife and kids, that had not experienced the desert this way after two plus years in Dubai. So I decided to bring him over, to show him a different experience. And, boy, he did enjoy it (with some adrenaline moments, jajajajajaja. (For that reason I skipped the play in Ifstar Bowl) Thanks to @Desert Dweller also for a nice lead out of Badayer. At those very last moments I was not receiving @Emmanuel in my radio and we were completely surrounded by reckless drivers and families cooking barbecue. Your leadership taking us out was superb. I also enjoyed very much driving behind @Jorge Stepniak Felippe and his beautiful white wrangler. I was not completely sure to take out the roof of mine until I saw his in the desert. Next time I will go roofless. Jajajaja It was a very entertaining ride. Being the sweep I had an easy job, since no complex recoveries were required and everyone rushed to assist when shoveling was needed. Sadly we crossed some convoys and solo riders, with no minimum respect of desert etiquette. But it adds to my knowledge of the "local ways" and the prevention required when driving in these areas. Hope to see you soon in the sand (or wadis).
  7. I have the Deadman (still unused). So far (for me), the easier and most common way to get unstuck is being pulled gently by another car with a kinetic rope or a snatch strap. I wouldn't use the high-lift as an anchor point, because you can bend it, rendering it useless for its original purpose. I would avoid going offroad alone as much as possible.
  8. I have a recovery device for that (that I have not use yet). It's called the "deadman", and it is basically a big tarp to be buried at least 1 meter deep and use as an actor point. I haven't used it yet, but I have seen videos where it seems to work pretty well. And the advantage is that you don't have to deal with the weight of the spare tire and also it folds to very little space in your car.
  9. Hi @Asif Hussain, I am sad that I have to leave this drive, but I have visitors this weekend staying at home. I was looking forward to revisit the area, but it will have to be in another opportunity. Enjoy
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