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  1. New technology is making more people able to enjoy offroading without the hazards. I think that it goes with the times. I can imagine the people going into the wilderness on the back of the horse saying that this "noisy machines" are robbing all the excitement off going into the forest or the desert. We enjoy what we know and fear or despise what we don't know. I will probably stick with my ICM car, but will try the electrical stuff and who knows if I will like it better?....
  2. Safety First is the "mantra". Not just for ourselves, but for our family, friends, coworkers and neighbors. We individually have the responsibility to keep ourselves and our group safe.
  3. Thank you @Brette for the drive. It was a great morning, really fun. For me, being behind @Francois Germishuysand his F150 was super fun. He was stirring and making the sand loose for me to play with my Chilean Jeep. Great group also, looking forward for the next raid.
  4. Thank you for your kind message. I certainly understand, and the last thing I want to do is to break the rules. There will be other opportunities. Kind regards,
  5. Hi. I am at Fewbie level in the club, but have extensive experience in all the terrains back at home. And this is the kind of trips that I love the most (Exploration and different terrains). If I am allowed I would love to join this trip.
  6. Hi @Frederic Thanks for your reply It's a set of LEDs headlights that I have had for several years now. It is not flickering, and the high beams work fine. The problem presents when changing from high to low beam. Then the whole set (both headlights) go off and only the ring remains on. But if I go immediately back to high beams they will work again in high. If I stay in lows, then it will take around 30 seconds for one of them too turn back on (in low) and some 10 seconds later the other will go on. Is a very strange failure.
  7. Can someone recommend a good electrician for my wrangler? I have an estrange issue. When coming back from high beams to low beams the front lights go off for a few seconds and then come back on, the right one turns on first and few seconds later the left one.
  8. Thank you for the promotion. Happy to learn all about the dunes in UAE and looking forward for more offroad experiences in the area, including beach and wadis (and also camping, off course). Hoping to make more friends sharing the offroad passion.
  9. @Rahimdad thanks for the raid. I enjoyed very much the ride and the surroundings. The group was also very kind and surprisingly for a newbie level, few refusals. I enjoyed helping in one recover, but in general the group made it very easy. I am looking forward for the next adventure, hoping more challenges will present. Nos vemos en la ruta
  10. @Frederic it was nice to meet you and the group. I am sorry for leaving a few minutes early, but I went to rescue a friend in the desert with a minor car problem. Luckily we managed to solve the issue without requiring any towing. I am looking forward to meet you all again in a future ride.
  11. Hi, From my experience, is good to wear comfortable clothes, a good hat, plenty of sun screen. I ussually wear boots to prevent the sand from going into my shoes.
  12. Thanks for your kind welcoming. I am bringing a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2014 2 doors. It’s lifted and modified. I have experience in Chilean desert but want to start in the club from the beginning. Since I think there are always things to learn.
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