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Summer Off-road Adventures

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  1. I don't have spare tire. I am sorry, but I am not available. Not sure how my name ended there. If I were available I would do it more than happy. I am eager to go Offroad
  2. Well my friend. That is so true. It is like a blank canvas, that you can customize in many ways to best suit your desire and personality. That is what makes them PERFECT. hahahaha
  3. I like this topic. My question for you will be "what kind of off-roading are you planning to do?". If you will limit to our weekends on the dessert in UAE, don't bother lifting your jeep. It is not required for what we do here. The Wrangler is already the most capable Offroad vehicle as it comes from the factory. If you already have 1" lift, my advice is DON'T TOUCH IT and enjoy it as it is. Sand off-roading don't require that much of a clearance. It is more about engine power, light vehicle and driver's wrists and feet. It is true that bigger jeeps look better, but for sand is a
  4. Incredible picture. I will post it on my Instagram account @blackshark4x4
  5. @Ahab Shamaa good point about not relaxing over safety. I remember a difficult moment at the end when some of us were trapped in a bowl and it posed a risk when arranging for an orderly exit.
  6. @GoutamBesides what others mentioned, Two things to consider are the tire pressure and the momentum: The size of the foot is heavily impacted by the tire pressure. The other thing is to maintain the momentum. Sudden accelerations also impact the grip and can cause the car to lose the tail. I have a technique to keep a steady acceleration by pressing my right foot against the right wall of the cockpit. I think that you handled very well and it never happened at risky moments, but it is something to pay attention (what I would call at work "an improvement opportunity").
  7. There is not much to add to all that has been already said. I join the chorus to thank @Lorenzo Candelpergher for a great ride. It was fun and allowed me to do some testing to my jeep capabilities. All I can say is that I had so much fun climbing all the dunes and watching the convoy zagging up and down. I cant wait to repeat the experience. My jeep behaved up to the task with no refusals even at some very complex angles. I was surprised about how fluid the drive was, taking into consideration the large number of cars and the complexity of the terrain. Great line selection by @Loren
  8. I don't know about more recent models, but for my jeep I disconnect the battery to prevent battery depletion, and raise the jeep on 4 jacks to avoid tires deformation. I also cover the jeep to protect the painting.
  9. OK. I am glad that this topic has surfaced. I have avoided it because I don't want to go against every advice that has been given here. But for the Wrangler we have two versions: The rubicon and the others. I don't know which version do you have, but the Rubicon transfer reduces the gearing 4.0:1 and the other (named sport, Sahara, etc) reduces 2.7:1. Also the gear ratio that comes from factory usually are 3.71 or 4.10. In my experience in Chile, running the Atacama Raid for days (and talking with my many sand offroaders friends in the north of Chile. They have Wranglers JK with 3.
  10. My Comments. Beautilful place. Great dunes. Thank you @Foxtrot Oscar for the route selection. We started ok while in the low dunes, but it was immediately apparent that the tall dunes will be a challenge for some of us. This level requires 100% of concentration and "commitment" when approaching the dune. If one hesitate when climbing a tall dune on soft sand, the inevitable consequence will be a refusal or getting stuck. I would suggest that those that strugled the most, take the time to do some Fewbie+ drives to gain some more practice on less challenging terrains. Another
  11. The question is How serious are you about offroading. If you are very serious like me 🤣 then go for the ARB. If you are not sure yet, then try the others. In general it never hurts to have a second compressor if you later decide that you are really serious.
  12. The bumper would be my preferred spot for a 20 inches bar.
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