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  1. Hi team. I'm looking forward to our night adventure. I have been out of the desert for too long now and I'm super eager to hit the dunes again.
  2. Hi. Im sorry but I will not be able to join. My jeep is still in the shop (I expected it to be ready today). Have fun.
  3. Hi Guys. I will travel out of Dubai this Sunday morning for work. I am sorry but I have to with draw my name from the list. I really wanted to cross join the group. Have fun
  4. Im putting myself in the waiting list because Im not sure if I will be able to attend or if I will have to work on Sunday.
  5. If you bring a passenger, a good idea would be to bring a good support team mate (not a tourist), since its very likely that you will need some muscle to dig and connect ropes or give directions.
  6. I went there three weeks ago and made 180 Ks around over two days. The first day barely managed to pull 100. 100 Kms / day is feasible. 200 in a day is very unlikely, especially given the very soft nature of the sand there and the steeps climbs that will produce many refusals. Also is important to be clear about the potential damage to the bumpers. Both approach and departure angles are important to avoid damaging your car. Regarding the gas, I used a full tank + 45 lt in three rotopax jerry cans and finished with 1/4 tank. I have a 2 doors JK lifted with big tires, which makes me burn gas like hell. So, depending on your car and driving style it might be required the equivalent of another gas tank. Liwa is an amazing experience, not only because of the extremely beautiful terrain, but especially because it will challenge you (nerves, resolution, skills, teamwork to rescue team members on difficult stuck situations), and also the cars itself. I have gone twice and never get enough of it. If you love off-roading and have the skills and the right car, it is something you need to do.
  7. Hi Ale, I got confused with the new weekends and the fact that there are two intermediate drives in the morning. My mistake.
  8. Usually the car pieces are over engineered so 1” spacers shouldn’t have a big impact on your bearings. And it’s cheaper than new rims.
  9. Center of gravity has nothing to do with spacers. The reason for the spacers is to have more space for the bigger tires when you turn the wheels and avoid the rubbing with the internal pieces. If you dont have that problem dont use spacers. Those will only add stress to the wheels if they are not necessary
  10. The pedal commander should not void the warranty, since its not an actual modification., Just an add-on. For the kill switch, what is the switch killing?
  11. I would have thought that each team would take the same channel as team number to facilitate the support team to communicate with each specific team (easy to remember). hahahaha No worries. I will listen to the sweet roar of my engine on the dunes No worries. I will listen to the sweet roar of my engine on the dunes
  12. I still carry the original jack that can work with smaller cars
  13. To be honest, I have never tested. But that's what I have been always told by my electric engineers friends. And not being an expert on the field I rely on their advice. Imagine frying your computer in the middle of the desert........
  14. Completely disconnecting the battery is a bad idea to jump starting, because at some point to reconnect it you might leave the circuit open, and voila, there goes your computer......
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