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  1. very informative, once i do this mistake in one of the drive, i shifted the gear from 4H to 4LLc with out changing the gear to neutral and the gear did not engage 4LLc in dash board i could see the light was just blinking. some time what i did is while the car is moving i shifted to neutral and change the gear 2WD to 4WD and 4HLC. I don't know is it any harmful to the gear box. Mine is 2015 model Pajero.
  2. It’s was absolutely a nice drive after a long gap to desert. First it was little tuff for me due to the tire pressure heat up and this several stuck also the summer loose sand. Thanks to @Frederic and every one helped for the recovery. Once set the correct tire pressure I could feel a very much difference in drive and everything goes well. Today was a good learning for me to know how to drive on the loose sand in summer. Once again thanks for everyone and waiting to see you all on next drive.
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