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  1. Dear @Frederic even after reading all the instructions i confirm my participation for the drive .Looking forward !
  2. Hi @Frederic kindly let us know the waitlist status of this drive .
  3. Dear @Brette i have cancelled my RSVP for the drive. Got some other pans. Thank you.
  4. Hi @Brette its crazy fog on emirates road . I am half way coming from Sports City and had to park aside like other drivers. Still trying to catch up. Will update further.
  5. Hi @Tbone @Brette sorry i have missed it , need to know the drive list please to follow the respective drive location.
  6. Dear @sertac this is a shock for me as i was preparing for myself for this drive just now. My apologies as i overlooked the date and misunderstood that there was even the drive for thursday! Morever now i am feeling sad that no drive for tomorrow morning @sertac thank you for writing the drive report otherwise i would have been waiting for you tomorrow morning at same location after driving all the way from Sports City.
  7. Thank you @sertac @Rahimdad and everyone for such a coordinated , smooth and fun drive . Everyone did well! Pleasure meeting all! 20201016_093155.mp4
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