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  1. Hi @Febin Frederic thats a good advise . I have never tried triptronic gears. Will try that out next time. I agree that JLU is powerfull and fun when in momentum but at times when i need quick acceleration from zero or very slow speed on slopes specially with soft sand the RPM just go against . Thank you !
  2. Firstly big thanks to @Gaurav for your leadership skills and patience. It was a tough start for you today as most of us called you back to back for help despite you were just one call away . Thank you @Wrangeld @Jeepie for the well coordinated lead and @Brette for backing me up. You all are amazing how you all get on knees in the heat to help in any situation. @Lorenzo Candelpergher tyre popped out today at a sidey at the top of the dune and it was really risky for such big machine but he controlled it very well. It was my first febie drive and i learned a lot. Kudos to those who didnt stuck at all today despite of soft patches . @Rajeevan Vickneswaran you were smartly saved by @Veedooshee . I remember one drive when i was driving in front of @Anish S and they always capture nice pictures 👍. Somehow i felt my jeep was less responsive at times today on loose sand when i needed some quick acceleration or it is an isssue with traction of my stock tyres . Was looking for the thread of pedal commander but couldnt get much out of it. Looking for some suggestions from other fellow jeepers and our leaders . I drive Jeep JL Sahara long wheel base. Would love to share some experiences or advise.
  3. Dear @Wrangeld firstly thank you for considering me in the drive. I have agreed to the COVID clause. Hope it is well received
  4. Hi @Wrangeld please put me in the waiting list . Also i see some duplicate entries. Thanks
  5. Hello @Ale Vallecchi, this will be my first fewbie drive. Although i feel confident but please let me know if i can still join. Thanks
  6. Dear @Ale Vallecchi @Srikumar i got involved in a pileup accident of 6 cars and got hit by a taxi that broke my rear mudguard due to lack of safe distance. The car has to be sent to the workshop as mudguard was rubbing the wheels. Thankfully, noone was hurt! Unfortunately will not be able to join tomorrow's drive . Thank you @Ale Vallecchi. Was not able to access as membership was under renewal. I also posted just now . Hope to see you soon.
  7. Thank you for sharing this @Rinelle Sanaani. Dear @Ale Vallecchi kindly confirm if my above comnfirmation is sufficent for Covid.
  8. Hello @Frederic i have confirmed my RSVP in the evening drive at Al Faqa.
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