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  1. @Janarthanhi, i left the Bab Al Shams drive & joined Lisaili drive bcoz meeting point of lisaili is near to me as compare to Bab al shamas.
  2. Hi Can you please add me in WL, this is first drive of the week, is there no preference for one drive in week ?
  3. @Emmanuel i am leaving this drive since got a chance to attend another fewbie drive, you may add someone in WL. thanks.
  4. @Frederic@Emmanuel@Abdul Rahman Abdul Kader@Rahimdad Thanks guys, your wish means a lot. will keep roaring with you guys.
  5. Hi Gaurav & carnity Team Thank you for promoting me at fewbie level & Looking forward to learn more skills & techniques to achieve next mile stones.
  6. @Mels Wolf from where you installed front plate ? how much it costs ? Can i have contact details ? I have pajero & wants to install the front & back plates.
  7. Many many Happy returns of the the days @Rahimdad bhai, Happy Birthday to you, May ALLAH showers his blessings upon you.
  8. @Gaurav @Ale Vallecchi I would like thanks to @Gaurav & @Ale Vallecchi for the great extreme recovery, Actually it has extended my confidence towards Gaurav for not only his great off road expertise but sense of care & responsibility. I also would like to thanks to the whole convey for their support & patience during the recovery process. but hoping everyone enjoyed a lot including me 😉.
  9. Hi Guys It was very impressive off road trip to me & enjoyed a lot. I would like to say thanks to all the carnity senior team specially @Gaurav @Wrangeld @Rahimdad @Xaf for taking care of us as Newbie, Trip was very much organized, managed & disciplined. Actually all was really impressive, but nothing matched to the support/patience by Marshals/senior team, which is highly appreciated. Awaiting to join next trip with more enthusiasm & preparation.
  10. sheri


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