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  1. Hi @Emmanuel I have exited this drive and will join the newbie drive. Good luck and be safe !
  2. Confirmed @Srikumar. I will exit my other drive and join you - thanks !
  3. Hi @Emmanuel - I understand but it would have been good if you had specified this at the initial stages. Now I will be left with no drive and a very disappointed family. I have put myself on the (already long) waitlist for the newbie and fewbie drives.
  4. @Frederic Can I please be on the waitlist for this drive ?
  5. @Srikumar and @Gaurav Can I please be on the waitlist for this drive ?
  6. Thanks @Emmanuel - my kids are little (11 and 7) so weight shouldn't be too much of an issue + plus my Pajero is the 3.8L. They love the desert drives and are excited to see the scenery and experience the drive as well ! We will not have any camping gear or anything other than the required safety gear for the drive.
  7. @Emmanuel really looking forward to this drive. I will be with my family, trust this is ok (I checked and 4 people in a car from same family are allowed under the Abu Dhabi rules). Can I clarify, in case you have the latest information, that the finger prick test is sufficient for entry to Abu Dhabi and the PCR test is NOT required ? Based on my understanding this is sufficient and the test can be done at the border entry or in the Seha clinics upto 48 hours before entry to Abu Dhabi. Thanks for the guidance. @Heisem I think Ace has some good plastic jerry cans for around Aed 60-65.
  8. hi @Chaitanya D - Apologies, I cannot make the drive on Friday, please remove me from the drive. Enjoy and be safe !
  9. this was an amazing drive and the fact we were the only convoy despite being a long holiday weekend made it that much more special. my family had a great time ! hope to see you all in the dunes again soon. Thanks @Ale Vallecchi and @Foxtrot Oscar and everyone !
  10. Hi @Ale Vallecchi looking forward to this afternoon. now that dubai has lifted a lot of restrictions on movements / gatherings, any chance we can allow more than 2 passengers, especially if we are all from the same household ? Thanks
  11. This was one of the most fun drives with gorgeous scenery and great group of drivers. Thanks @Ale Vallecchi for the opportunity to be your centre forward- my first time in that position which gives a unique perspective on the convoy. As always @Wrangeld provided a great anchor to the convoy in the sweep position. Look forward to seeing you all again soon !
  12. Hi @Brette - apologies for the error, as I thought the restriction on multiple drives was for same day drives. Please can you take me off this Qudra drive and place me on the waitlist ? I will retain my spot on the Oct 24th morning drive. Thanks !
  13. thanks @Frederic - is there merit in considering any different type of transmission oil which is better able to handle higher temperatures ? Or is the additional fan the only solution ?
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