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  1. Hi @Ale Vallecchi unfortunately something has come up and I will not be able to join this drive on Friday. Really disappointed as it sounds like an amazing plan - but alas family calls. I will remove my RSVP from this drive. Have a great time, stay safe, and see you soon. Best, Asif
  2. Thanks @Ale Vallecchi for the drive this morning. Im disappointed to have had to leave early. The transmission temperature light in my Paj came on when we were in the very soft sand area, and i suspected 90% chance it was just the sand churning up causing the issues and on the flat track it would be fine. But Ale and @Vanessa8580 rightly recommended not risking the engine and exiting early. As it turned out, within 500m of exiting and driving on the tarmac the light disappeared and all was fine. I got the tyres filled up at adnoc and headed home. The epilogue to the story was that as I was driving home I saw a car stuck in sand on the side of the highway and a man and woman looking like they were about to get heatstroke. So I stopped, and it turned out they were trying to “test” their suv but the 4wd wasnt working and they had no rope, tools etc. I offered them water, fixed up the rope and towed them out of their sandy rut and got them onto the tarmac. Should have seen the look on their faces when I stopped and reversed back to them, they had been waiting for 30 mins in the sun. So I did my good deed for the day instead of having the longer desert drive - not too shabby :-). See you all next time !
  3. Thanks @Ale Vallecchi. Got my front bumper cut on the Paj, and looking forward to the drive this weekend (only slightly scared of the early morning start time !). See you soon !
  4. Congrats @Ale Vallecchi - its always fun to drive with you, look forward to many more !
  5. Thanks @Frederic - it was a great smooth drive today with you. Also thanks @Mels Wolf for the pajero tips after the drive too. Glad @AviG made it for our first carnity drive together - hope we can do a lot more of them !
  6. Hi @George Francis yes i am registered for the 7am newbie at pink rock on the same day. Thanks for agreeing to switch. hi @Rahimdad and @Frederic - would you mind as administrators putting me into the qudra drive and @George Francis into the pink rock drive ? thanks !
  7. My friend who is new to carnity is coming on his first drive, so i wanted to join him on this qudra drive. Anyone open to switching with me - i’m registered to the pink rock one...
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