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  1. Any idea if this type of fix would impact the warranty from al habtoor ? My Paj still has some sort of warranty cover. thanks !
  2. Wish I'd seen this thread earlier - interesting views on the xterra. I looked at the Wrangler and for reasons of questionable reliability and not being as comfortable, I chose to go for the pajero 3.8L, LWB. Its a great car, very comfortable and a good daily commuter car too. Drove it in the desert last weekend and it was great. It was a beginner drive but the Paj handled everything quite easily I thought. I did find the power a bit on the lower side when going up steeper dunes, but I managed to get up to wherever our capable guide @Gaurav took us. So I'm happy with the choice, but only now considering whether I should get a skid plate for the back at least and maybe front and back. views welcome !
  3. It was my first drive in a group like this and I thought it was very professionally run, really well organised and the whole group had a great attitude. Thank you all but especially @Gaurav and @Ale Vallecchi, and I look forward to joining more drives in future !
  4. Some pics I took. System wont let me upload the video of the Pajero being rescued
  5. I have been trying to find the right type of air compressor (without spending a fortune) but have not managed. Will you have air compressor available for tomorrow's drive ?
  6. Good idea - totally agree ! however @Gaurav i will need some help to program the radio which i just bought but dont know how to use its a baofeng uv5r
  7. @gaurav - is a UHF radio enough or you need vhf + uhf ? thanks !
  8. Hi Gaurav, and all, I've just joined the club and rsvp'd for the afternoon absolute newbie drive on the 20th - really looking forward to it ! I've done a couple of simple desert drives, but am hoping to start doing more extensive ones and learn the skills required to do so. I've just acquired a Pajero 3.8L for this purpose, and am slowly buying the safety equipment as well. My family (wife and 2 daughters) will join me on Friday so hopefully there will be others with families too ! I had two questions before the event : I understand that having a radio will be useful for communications, even though for this first drive you don't require it. Any suggestions on where I can buy a basic UHF / VHF radio ? a lot of recommendations I've seen are for dragon mart but am avoiding all malls at the moment due to the virus. Any shops in jumeirah or satwa that sell these ? second question : is there such a thing as a cost effective air compressor under Aed 500 or so ? I've seen some more expensive models in the aed 1500-2000 range (eg. bushranger and oztrail), but wanted to check if anyone has experience with the slightly cheaper options out there. Thanks for the guidance and hope to meet you all on Friday ! Asif
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