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  1. Hi @Gaurav I would appreciate if you could please add me to the waiting list. Have a great week, Kieran
  2. @Rahimdad I’m so sorry I didn’t make it today, I hope I didn’t cause too much disruption. I ran a phone update last night and it interfered with my alarm clock app somehow. I will buy an actual alarm clock for next weeks drive.
  3. Thanks @Gaurav. Which ON-road locations in Dubai have the longest hill climbs? If I find myself near Jebel Hafeet again I will take a chance to practice there (although it is more twisting). @Lisa Pemberton I'm tagging you for Guarav's info on manual gears.
  4. Another great day out on the dunes and I even had the honor of @Gaurav taking the helm to show me what my little Duster is capable of by getting it to the top of Fossil Rock. Thanks to @AviG and @Lisa Pemberton for all the great photos. I will upload some video footage over the next few days. Unfortunately my camera was mounted (taped!!) to the the passenger headrest upright so the back of my neck is blocking the view of Gaurav's ascent of Fossil Rock. Can't wait for Friday for more fun in the sun!.
  5. That's great, thanks @Veedooshee. And congrats again on becoming a Fewbie!
  6. Hi Folks, I'm wondering which Newbie drive(s) would be best to bring along a passenger who is interested in taking photos? Warm Regards, Kieran
  7. Thanks Guarav, I will make sure to practice this week. Also, ACE got my suction cup working again!
  8. Sorry again for my late arrival and a big thank you to @Gaurav for letting me join the formation in my little Duster. Another great day of learning on the dunes and the views of Pink Rock were truly stunning. I’m hooked! Quick question: Who should I contact to be added to the WhatsApp group for venue announcements?
  9. Thanks @Gaurav and @Mels Wolf for all of your advice, help and patience yesterday. It was great to know that with enough "GAS GAS GAS" the humble Duster can get to the top of of newbie dunes!!! Great fun over the final dunes and can't wait for more!!!
  10. @Gaurav I have a Silver 2017 Duster with full-lock and automatic 4WD, 8 inch clearance and front/rear tow hooks. No off-roading experience apart from a few sandy patches on the way to Al Qudra Lakes.
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