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  1. Thank you Carnity Team. It has been a pleasure associating with you. Look forward to many more exciting rides.
  2. Hi Ale, really appreciate it. I was hoping to get jeep back from the garage today, but didn't. I won't be able to make it for tomorrow's run. Apologies, will catch up soon.
  3. Hey @wrangled. Kindky don't misunderstand, didn't mean to say you did. It would be nice of you to investigate. I cearly recall having confimed and seeing my name in the list. Surprised to not see it now. I guess its better luck for next time!
  4. Hey @Wrangeld, something seems to be off. I had confirmed for this ride on last Sunday. But today, when I logged on to check for updated i realised that my name is missing from the list. Any thoughts/ suggestions. I am still keen to participate. Let me know.
  5. @@Ale Vallecchi, nice to meet you and look forward to driving with you for the first time and also my first evening drive. Done with the covid Disclaimer. Some of the names are familiar , driven before, see you later gents..
  6. Hi Gaurav, thanks.. it was a pleasure driving with you, thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the first time on the big slope !! look forward to seeing you soon.
  7. Vijaysekhar


  8. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 2015. This is my first time offroading. Will try and get as many things as possible, are the radio sets a must ??
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