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  1. Ciao @PaoloMaraziti thank you for taking the time, that's a super video capturing the fun afternoon yesterday! 👍 Great route from the Lisali camel tracks ending up at the Qudra exit - thanks to @Anish S for planning and leading. We only had very few refusals and each were brilliantly self recovered. No stucks meant no shovels and tugs required. As a result we enjoyed a few well timed breaks but otherwise made good progress meaning we reached our exit point on time just as the sun was setting. @Danish Mohammadand @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQ had a relaxing drive I suspect !😃Finally thanks to @
  2. Hi @Enrico Biscarofor your first Fewbie drive I you did really well. 😃 I had a good view of you in my mirrors and even in the tricky areas you tackled them well! You communication on the radio is excellent. I mentioned at one of the drive breaks and your post drive report just reinforces that 👍. You have all the correct enhancements on your Pajero to take this hobby to the next level and looking forward to more drives! Hope the cooling issue is an easy fix and there are plenty of Pajero owners here who can offer ideas if needed. @[email protected] Rafay-Slovely post drive reports! Thanks!
  3. Great sunrise drive from 2nd December cafe ending up at Big Red. Nice tight group and the entire morning was smooth. We had a fair share of climbs, nice elevation changes and criss crossing on some tech dunes. Once the drive racheted up towards the end we had a couple of refusals, a crest, a few stucks and a pop out. Most of the refusals were nicely self recovered under great instructions from @Foxtrot Oscarand @Niki. Thanks also to @Janarthan for leading a superb drive 😀 Fantastic to meet everyone as usual! Couple of pics in the gallery. 😊
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