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  1. He does not want to change his rims, so that’s the bottleneck in his decision making process, limiting the options.
  2. Congratulations @Imran Kashif on your promotion. Well done.
  3. I have KO2s on my car. Done 60k on them since I bought them in July 2021; a combination of above average amount of off-road driving and on-road and are my daily drivers. Yesterday after the newbie drive while Chatting with @GauravSoni and @Rizwanm2 the matter of upgrading my tires came up and looking at them it seemed they still have 20-30k kms in them. They have thick side walls and moderately aggressive thred pattern. I choose to have the white labels out and if you need a less conspicuous look then you can go for all black look on them and would match your all black rims as well. Perhaps they are a tad bit heavy but thay make up with their superior grip in sand. It is my daily driver. After adding a couple of lights noise is not a problem because after 80kmph all that hear is wind noise. Plus anyways you tend to get used to it. my takeaways are 1. Long lasting. 2. Good grip in sand. 3. Good sidewalk protection 4. Aren’t very noisy in my experience.
  4. Looks like left fender DLR isn’t working
  5. And the grin on his face can be seen too.
  6. Little late to write the post drive comments, but wanted to finish uploading photos to the gallery and there were so many to choose from, it was a daunting task. I took upon a Lightroom catalogue reorganisation exercise which took more time than I was expecting. Anyways.... @Srikumar's drive at Sweihan drive post meant I have to dust my trusty old alarm bell to ring on time to play the fastest finger fist on Monday evening. All work is one side and finding a place on the drive is on the other. it has to be done irrespective. Thanks a lot for all who joined this early morning drive that was a strain on everyone and their cars no doubt but we are longing for more for sure.
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