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  1. @Vanessa8580due to a family event, i am not able to join the drive. pls remove my name from the list. Thanks
  2. Hi @Ale Vallecchi sorry i missed you message. Unfortunately i have to withdraw my waitlist due to personal work. Thanks for your follow-up and support.
  3. Thanks a lot @Foxtrot Oscar and @Jeepie for the wonderful drive and fun. I gained lot of confidence & knowing my car better…looking forward to joining for more adventure rides. Well noted your comments..
  4. Hi Vanessa8580 & All I am joining with my Pajero 3.8 SWB. I have experience as a passenger with my friends in Carnity club. I confirm here, I have Radio, deflator, off-road flag, compressor and hooks Looking forward to meeting you all on Friday.
  5. Hi Ale Thanks for the welcome note, unfortunately i am down with health issues and not in a position to join tomorrow's session. Pls remove me from the list. Looking forward to join next week. My Vehicle is White Pajero 3.8 SWB Regards Suresh.K
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