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  1. It was an awesome drive . Smooth sand and seamless dunes. I really enjoyed this drive. Thanks to @Gaurav , @Chaitanyaand @Mukundan Nair specially who helped me get out of the refusal. Learnt some vital tips today . Each drive is a new learning. Cheers
  2. Hi @Frederic Thank you for the message. I would have loved to go back to Fossil Rock this week again . But the more important fact is everybody needs to get a drive . Cheers
  3. Please add me to this drive when you have a slot available . There was a technical issue with my account and hence couldn’t login on time
  4. Dear Carnity Off-roaders , It has been an exciting few weeks off-roading for me. I am enjoying the thrills of hitting the dunes and wading through some technical one. My car however has got a bumper hit. Therefore I would like to know where I could get some under body protection done for my Toyota Land cruiser and also which garage I could modify my bumper to an off-road one. I am not looking for expensive modifications , but pocket friendly ones. Looking forward to some suggestions . Thanks
  5. Thank you @Wrangeld and @Lorenzo Candelpergher for this wonderful drive. The description of each driver is not very easy to provide , but you @Wrangelddid a great job with the details. Have a good week ahead .
  6. This was a very meaningful drive . Excellent transition from sand to rock and a feeling of achieving something special. Wouldn’t have been possible without support from @Wrangeld and @Lorenzo Candelpergher who lead us and had our backs with a calm and composed mind. This drive will be in my memory for ever. Hope the same for all my fellow fossil rockers . Looking forward to many more.
  7. Hi @Wrangled is there a reading material abut the terrain in fossil rock ? Shouldn’t radio frequency should 446.03125 ??🤔
  8. Personally, a good experience. Last time I was alone in the car. This time with family. Learnt some good techniques about maneuvering. Feel bad about my car though. But makes me want to do more drives and take care of the car at the same time. Hats off to @Wrangeld and @Jeepie for this drive. I now also know the desert is new even for the experienced. Thanks for the wonderful drive guys . Have a good weekend and week ahead.
  9. @Wrangeld Thanks a lot . Quite excited. Could you please let me know the radio frequency we are going to connect to for this drive.
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