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  1. @Alex Sidorov I have JGC 2019 and I bought this vehicle for the same reasons as Brette has mentioned above. In my excitement I went to Maleha alone without any pre knowledge of dunes and even without deflating tires. i got stuck at first dune however was rescued. Later i joined Carnity and realized this is whole new world. I faced the same issues. I removed only front lower facia but was not aware of any fuse options at all. During my 3rd ride with Carnity while doing one arch maneuver i crossed two hidden humps with speed and as a result all inner fender lining rolled with wheel and
  2. @Rahimdad, what an amazing trip report and story telling. It was my first ride with you and it was a wonderfull experience. Had amazing time there though i decided to leave early. Thanks for advise for car. Thank God those plastic parts were not of my JGC, only bottom splash gurde and the fender lining was came out of clips and was torn down from different places so could not refix. However, I managed to source very goodone from Sajja car scrap market for 300 AED and got it fixed. Hopefully see you very soon inshaAllah.
  3. Hello @Brette I need some advise regarding my grand cherokee. During todays ride at fossil rocks the inner fender lining came out and sheet under radiator is broken. I would like to have your advise to fix those.
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